Sandra Lee's Floor/Table-scape?

You all know that I love Sandra, but even I couldn't get on board with the tablescape that I saw today.  She was doing a Tuscan-themed dinner, which looked pretty good.  The cocktail was pretty (and strong, of course.)  I was enjoying things thoroughly.  Until the tablescape portion came.  Oh the tablescape.  The camera pans out on a very elaborate table with...

...a CHAIR on top of the table.  She then decorated it with silk flowers, like the flowers would hide the fact that she put a chair on the table as a centerpiece.

I almost had the same reaction to the tablescape that I had when I watched Britney Spears last night on the Video Music Awards.  Oh my, what have you done now.

Sandra.  Please.  Hear my plea.  I stand up for you through the sauce packets, the alcohol drenched cocktails, and even the matchy matchiness, but please.  Chairs, and all other furniture, belong on the floor.  Don't ever do anything again to make me compare you to Britney Spears.


Weekly Recipe Attempt: Boy Meets Grill

shrimp2During this blistering heat wave in Orange County, it was just too hot to cook inside.  It was also too hot to cook anything that took a long time.  I saw this recipe on good old that seemed perfect.

Weekly Recipe Attempt:  Ginger-Soy-Lime Marinaded Shrimp

I usually chicken out when it comes to shrimp.  I've always used pre-cooked shrimp, which works great for shrimp cocktail, but ends up making grilled shrimp that tastes like leather.  I decied to try cooking the shrimp from raw shrimp.  And boy did I make the right decision.

This dish was incredible.  No leather taste here.  And, believe it or not, I even used the left overs in a salad for lunch the next day. 

It was quick and easy.  It was light in flavor and calories.  It was perfect for the heat, and will be perfect for any last, end-of-the-summer barbeques that you plan on throwing.

I give this recipe a 9 out of ten.


New Poll! Ingrid Hoffman - Simply Delicioso or Simply Seen it Before?

I want to start by apologizing for my absence.  A lot has been going on at my work (I even have to come in on Saturdays and stuff) so I haven't been able to catch a lot of Food TV let alone write about it.  But things have slowed a bit for the time being, so I am back and ready to write.  Starting off, here's a new poll. 

I might ruffle some feathers with this one, but what do you think of the sexy new Miami chef, Ingrid Hoffman

I've caught a couple of her shows, and to me, it seems like she's a lot like a lot of the other chefs, excuse me, cooks, that are on Food Network already.  The only difference is that she's Latina and has an accent.  This might be a big difference for some, but to me we already have a lot of "real world" type cooks. 

I think we need at least one more real chef on that can make some things from scratch.  Ina Garten and Nigella seem to be holding down the fort on their own. 

Am I out of line?  Have you fallen in love with the hot Floridian?  Or were you to bored to even check out her show?  Please feel free to say what you like.


Labor Day recipes from the Food Network

Looking to cook this Labor Day weekend?  Don't just get burnt from too much sun, have a sizzling backyard BBQ with help from your favorite Food Network chefs.

Recipes like these from Grill Master Bobby Flay will wow your guests:

And georgeous summer cocktails from the Food Network Kitchens will cool them off:

To plan your BBQ the Food Network way Click Here!


And the winner is: Amy Finley!

Amy wins it all!  A brand new Food Network show and a place in all of our hearts, or at least a shot a winning a place in our hearts.  She wasn't my favorite, but I'll give her a shot. 

She won fair and square.  While it is true that JAG dropped out of the competition, which probably led to the chance for either of the girls to win, she still won.  People voted, and she got the most votes.  Tah Dah.

I know a lot of people have strong opinions on this subject, and please feel free to voice your opinions here.

Let it out. Let it all out.


Who will be the Next Food Network Star? Find out Sunday!

It's down to two, the writer mom, Amy and the wannabe restauranteur, Rory.  Both are very qualified for the job and have both attended culinary institutes.  Bout only one will end up the winner of their very own Food Network show.

They both have their appeal.  Amy is a little reminiscent of a more American Giada, who incidentally is her favorite chef, and will fit in well with the rest of the ladies.  She has class, but is still approachable.  She does seem a bit pretentious to me, but what do I know about actual chefs.  Her major downfall in my eyes is the fact that her favorite food is eggplant.  Yuck.  I don't want to watch a lot of stinky eggplant recipes.

Then there's Rory.  She's spunky and firey.  She's kind of like one of the boys, but she's a girl.  I think I like this one the best.  She's more unique than Amy and I think she'll be more fun to watch when she has her own show.

What do you think?  Am I way off base?  Please feel free to add your opinions and don't forget to cast your vote in my poll!

The winner will be announced this Sunday, July 22nd at 9pm.


Weekly Recipe Attempt: Throwdown with Bobby Flay

slawCole slaw has a special place in my heart.  No, I'm not kidding.  When I was 4, I was in the hospital over Christmas due to some asthma complications.  I don't really remember much about it, or anything really, except for one nurse and one special night. 

The nurse came into my room one night, and my dad was there with me, so he can attest to this story's authenticity.  She asked me if I wanted anything to eat and with a smile said, "anything you want, we'll get for you."  So naturally, being the weirdest kid ever, I said that I wanted cole slaw.  I kid you not.  She said, "anything," and I said, "cole slaw."  And by golly, she got me that cole slaw and man it was delicious.  So, in an ode to that, and because it's summer, I bring you Bobby Flay's version of cole slaw.

Weekly recipe attempt: Napa Cabbage Slaw

This recipe caught my eye because it was cole slaw with an Asian twist.  Instead of salt, there was soy sauce.  Instead of hot sauce, there was chili oil.  Instead of red wine vinegar, there was rice wine vinegar.  It was a fresh little salad to have with my hot dog. 

I have to admit, I used green bell peppers instead of red because the green were on sale, and I had regular peas so I used them instead of snow peas.  I know regular peas taste nothing like snow peas, but I like regular peas and I'm the one making the salad.  You can use snow peas in your own salad.

I give this recipe a 7.  I liked the fact that it didn't use a lot of mayonnaise, so it's pretty healthy, but it didn't hold a candle to that bowl of cole slaw I got in the hospital when I was four.  But then again, maybe no slaw ever will.


Sandra Lee's Restaurant Re-Makes

I tought i'd seen it all.  They made Rachael battle Giada.  They threw a star studded Thankksgiving dinner.  Now, to tie all the chefs together, they have one cook ripping off two other Food Network chefs.  When a stand-up comedian steals jokes from another comedian, rarely does that comedian brag about it.

Leave it to the marvelous Food Network, and the short cut queen herself, Sandra Lee, to bring such a concept to our living rooms.  In today's all new episode of Semi-Homemade Cooking entitled "Restaurant Remakes: Bobby and Mario," Sandra Lee takes recipes from these two chef's famous restaurant menus and turns them into semi-homemade masterpieces.

Is she running out of ideas?  Is there a reason that Mario Batali and Bobby Flay can't make these recipes on their own shows?  It was such a strange concept.  I felt uncomfortable watching it.

Do you think this is a good idea?  Should we let our favorite chefs re-make other Food Network chef's dishes?  Something just isn's righ here.  But maybe it's just me.


And the winner is: Bobby Flay

Looks like the grill master won the majority of you guys over with his fancy outdoor grill set up and quick moving tongs.  42% of you, in fact, would rather have Bobby Flay over to an outdoor cookout than the other three chefs.

My fav, Alton Brown, came in a close second with 37% of the votes.  I guess a lot of you, like me, are fascinated by the brining process.  He could also make a fancy smoker with teracotta pots.  Mmmmm planter ribs.

Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee duked it out for last.  Pretty much no one wanted the ladies to BBQ.  I guess they were afraid that Rachel might set herself on fire trying to carry too many things to the grill while Sandra would be set a blaze by one of her cocktails getting too close to the flame.

Here's a re-cap of the results:

  1. Bobby Flay smoked the competition with 42% (49 votes.)

  2. Alton Brown blazed into second with 37% (43 votes.)

  3. Rachael Ray flickered into third with 16% (19 votes.)

  4. Sandra Lee's flame went out completely with only 4% (5 votes.)


Food Network's Burger Bonanza!

I was craving a cheeseburger last Friday, and unfortunatley decided to drag my brother into the craving as well.  He has a grill so I brought over some hamburger and made cheeseburgers.  I always do this.  I get an idea in my head and think that it will be everything I think it will be, get too excited, and throw the recipe together.  The burgers were bad.  They were like hockey pucks on buns.  Yuck.

I should have been prepared.  I should have looked at the Food Network website.  They have a splendid little section on the front page that's all about burgers, hence the "Burger Bonanza!"

Burgers aren't simple.  They take preparation and forethought.  I know Rachael Ray makes it look easy, but she has billions of burger recipes and makes them all the time.  People like me who eat burgers once in a blue moon need help.

The Burger Bonanza rescues the dullest burger by offering creative things to put on the burger such as:

It also has step by step videos of burger handling grilling.

It's a great site to get you in the mood for summer, and burgers!

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