Wedding Ideas from the Food Network

weddingGiada De Laurentiis and Tyler Florence help turn a couple's Hawaiian wedding fantasy into a food filled extravaganza!  In a special two hour show, contest winners Jeremy and Dede have their reception dreams made into reality.  The beautiful couple chose Hawaii as their dream destination, while georgeous chef, Tyler Florence, offered to lend a hand with the meal.  Don't worry, Jeremy, Tyler just got hitched himself, so you don't have to worry about your bride running off with the cook.

As an omage to the whole wedding thing, Food Network has dedicated the hours of 8pm to wedding fanfare all week.  If you would like to catch the Jeremy and Dede wedding special, you have many chances: May 5th at 9pm, May 6th at 2:00pm, May 11th at 9pm, and May 12th at 4pm.

If you're looking for help with your wedding, Food Network has some tips.  Click here to see Rachael Ray make a mean wedding brunch mimosa.  Ok it's not the toughest of things to make, but when that wedding day creeps closer and closer, you need all the help you can get.


And the winner is: Alton Brown's quirky kitchen!

The latest poll has everyone craving Alton Brown's velcro herb canisters and extensivley labled tupperware.  I love Alton, and apparently, everyone else loves his kitchen.  I think I'd like his kitchen, too, if he came with it.

Giada De Laurentiis came in a close second with her pretty and hip kitchen.  In all honestly, I'd love to cook in her kitchen, probably more then Alton's.  It seems so lovely, but not so girly that you expect Martha Stewart to be making homemade baby food in the next room.

As for the final tally, here are all the results:

  1. Alton Brown's quirky and practical kitchen wins with 28 % of the votes.

  2. Giada De Laurentiis' pretty and hip pad comes in second with 27% of the votes.

  3. Ina Garten's clean and colonial kitchen sits comfortably in the middle with 19% of the votes.

  4. Tyler Florence's homey yet masculine digs beat a couple of others with 11% of the votes.

  5. Sandra Lee's matchy matchy cooking spot ties with Rachael Ray's funky color swatch with 7% of the votesrounding out the bottom.

Didn't see your favorite chef's kitchen on the list?  Tell me about it and why you'd love to slave over dinner in it.


Get to know your favorite Food Network chef with Chefography week

How did Rachael Ray take over our TVs?  Who taught Paula Deen to use all that butter?  Who put the "BAM" in Emeril's sauce?  Tune in this week to the Food Network for Chefography week to find out all the answers about your favorite chefs.

  • Rachael Ray's chefography airs March 23rd @ 8pm ET/PT and March 24th @ 9pm ET/PT

  • Bobby Flay's chefography airs March 23rd @ 9pm ET/PT

  • Ina Garten's chefography airs March 25th @ 2pm ET/PT

  • Nigella Lawson's chefography airs March 21th @ 8pm ET/PT and March 25th @ 3pm ET/PT

  • Paula Deen's chefography airs March 20th @ 8pm ET/PT and March 24th @ 7pm ET/PT

  • Sandra Lee's chefography airs March 20th @ 9pm ET/PT and March 24 @ 10pm ET/PT

  • Tyler Florence's chefography airs March 21th @ 9pm ET/PT and March 25 @ 6pm ET/PT

  • Giada DeLaurentiis' chefography airs March 22th @ 8pm ET/PT and March 25 @ 4pm ET/PT

  • Emeril Lagasse's chefography airs March 24 @ 8pm ET/PT

  • Mario Batalli's chefography airs March 22th @ 9pm ET/PT and March 25 @ 5pm ET/PT

Maybe next time they do Chefography week, they'll delve into Alton Brown's past.  I'd really like to see how he came up with all those cooky gadgets.  Until then, I'll have to settle with the chefs above.  I think I'm ok with that.


And the winner is: Tyler Florence

With the South Beach Food Network Awards over and done with, it's now onto the more important question; which male Food Network chef is the hottest?

The winner, not surprisingly, is Tyler Florence with 46% of the votes.  Not bad for a guy who makes the "ultimate" dish.  I guess HE is the ultimate dish.  OK that was a really bad joke and I apologize.

I was a bit surprised to see that Alton Brown, perhaps my favorite male chef, came in second with 21% of the total vote.  Maybe everyone really likes all of his gadgets...I think I'll leave that one alone.

Here are all of the results:

  1. Tyler Florence  46%

  2. Alton Brown  21%

  3. Bobby Flay  13%

  4. Dave Lieberman  10%

  5. Guy Fieri  8%

  6. Duff Goldman 2%

Poor Duff brought up the rear.  Maybe his explosions are only contained within the kitchen.

Do you disagree with the poll?  If so, feel free to let me know your thoughts.

This week's poll is along the same vein.  It's time for you to weigh in on the women.  Which female chef is the sexiest?


Welcome Dinner Meme

DinnerMadeline over at Everthing Rachael Ray tagged me for a meme.  The first thing I had to do was look up what "tagged" meant, and the second was to look up what a "meme" was.  If you are like me, and are new to the whole meme thing, click on this helpful link which was provided in Madeline's post. 

The question posed was this:  Which menu would you serve to blogging friends for a welcome dinner upon their first visit to your home?

Excellent question.  A little ambitious, but excellent nonetheless.  I first have to point out, that if I have people over, I probably won't make a dinner with five parts to it, like Madeline.  In fact, my dinners usually consist of about three things, a bread/rice dish, a meat (usually chicken), and a vegetable.

But, in keeping with the 5 part theme, I will answer with some recipes that I have posted in weekly recipe attempts and fill in the gaps with other Food Network chef recipes.  When I cook for people, I want to impress them.  In order to impress someone with my cooking, it has to be easy and attempted before hand to ensure minimum screw ups.  Here goes nothing.

Appetizer: Black Pepper-Basil Farmer's Cheese Bruschetta with Tomato from Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill.  It's really tasty.  Looks impressive.  And it's pretty simple to make.

Salad: I'm sorry.  I have to break the recipe pattern with this one.  My salads usually come out of whatever ingredients I have left on hand once I make the rest of the meal.  It would be a salad with romaine lettuce and leftover vegtables.  That's just how I do salads.

Entree:  Chicken Francese from Tyler Florence's Food 911.  I made this one last week, and I loved it.  It also think it would go well with the bruschetta, and, again, it looks impressive.

Side Dish:  Oven Roasted Green Beans from Emeril.  I love these things and cook them all the time.  I like to use them in place of rice or potatoes when I'm trying to watch my girlish figure.

Dessert:  Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti from Giada's Everyday Italian.  I haven't actually made this one yet, but I think the best way to end any type of gathering is with a cup of coffee and a delicious treat.  What goes better with coffee than biscotti?

Here's who I'm tagging:


Cooking with Tyler Florence

I'm so jealous.  Tyler Florence, the sexiest chef on television today, just happened to be in San Diego demonstrating how spectacular his new line of cookware is at Macy's (click here to browse his pretty, yet pricey cookware.  It's actually on sale right now if you are shopping early for the holidays.  I could use a gravy boat if you're feeling generous.)  He is also promoting his new cook book that was released in SeptemberTyler's Ultimate

So, back to my jealousy.  My friend, Valerie, happens to reside in San Diego and happened to score some tickets to his cooking demo.  She managed to meet the man himself, and break my heart by reporting to me that he is engaged with a baby on the way.  Oh well.  He's still pretty to look at.  She was also able to snap a picture and get her copy of his cook book signed.  Tyler


Here is the photo.  They both look so happy.  I'm even more jealous. 



Valerie writes: Here I am with Tyler Florence after his cooking class in San Diego.  I waited in line for 90 minutes and was lucky enough to get into the class.  Tyler gave me the pasta dish he fixed during class.  Yum!


Weekly recipe attempt: Food 911

chicken franceseAs an amateur cook, I'm always on the look out for easy meals to fix for company, especially easy meals that look complicated.  I've found the perfect easy, company food care of Food Network's most attractive chef, in my opinion, Tyler Florence. 

Weekly recipe attempt: Chicken Francese

Tyler coins this meal as part of the perfect first date menu.  I kind of agree. This meal, especially this recipe, is fairly easy to manufacture, and looks pretty on the plate.  I, however, don't really think that a meal cooked at home is particularly proper for a first date.  After watching the disaster of Dave Lieberman's blind date from Dave Does (click here for my post and the link to the Aphrodesiacs episode) the thought of cooking for a complete stranger at your home can be a little creepy especially if you try too hard.  Cooking is more of a third date thing in my opinion, so I recommend this for a third date as opposed to date number one.  But I digress.

I made the chicken without too many screw ups.  The one thing I should mention about the chicken is that you should definitely try to pound it as thin as you can get it.  I didn't pound mine thin enough, partly because I don't own a malet, and partly because the chicken breast I had was from a mutant chicken that had a breast the size of a turkey's.  This led to the chicken taking a bit longer to cook, which if you have company, is a bad thing.  Once the chicken was finally done, I placed it on a bed of green beans for color.  All of it went so well together.  I think I used a touch too much lemon juice in the sauce so be careful.  Half a lemon goes a long way, especially when the sauce cooks down and concentrates. 

All in all, I give this recipe a 9 out of 10.  I admit I may be adding half a point because I like to look at Tyler while he cooks this, but the recipe is really good, especially for that special someone. 


Tyler Florence writes for the masses

In an article published today by the Chicago Sun-Times, Florence says that he writes for us common cooks, as opposed to seasoned chefs.  The "ultimate" chef is holding book signings in Chicago for his new cook book, Tyler's Ultimate: Brilliant Simple Food to Make Anytime.  With this new book, he is trying to reach novice cooks as opposed to professional chefs.  The article states, "I don't write for chefs, they know how to cook. I write for everyone else," said Florence. "This cookbook will be one that people will use."

For more information on dates and locations of the book signings, please visit the online article by clicking here.


Tyler Florence spices up Applebee's

Where did Applebee's go when they had a menu emergency?  They enlisted the help of Food 911 star, Tyler Florence, of course, to help liven up the neighborhood eats.  According to, Applebee's will begin unveiling it's new menu September 18th.  The new Florence inspired items will be included in an addtion of 20 new items rolling out of the kitchen. 

According to the Kansas City Star, some of Florence's items include:

  • Penne rosa with Sweet Italian sausage.

  • Herb-crusted chicken topped with Italian country salad.

  • Crispy brick chicken with warm spinach salad.

  • And a bruschetta burger.

To find an Applebee's near you please visit .


Why roast your own peppers?

Peppers1I was just watching Food 911 with Tyler Florence and he was making antipasto dishes for someone with an entertaining emergency.  I was with him for the marinated olives.  I nodded in agreement with the mushrooms, but then he pulled out the peppers.  I love roasted peppers and usually find that making things myself makes them better.  However, once he started to roast the peppers and steam the peppers and peel the peppers and wipe the peppers, I began to get tired.  Watching him prepare the peppers was exhausting and made me never want to attempt it.   

Why do it?  You can buy roasted peppers in nearly every grocery store nowadays and a good sized jar is usually less than $5.  Buying enough peppers to fill the jar would cost that much, and never mind the huge amount of effort it would take to roast all of them.  I guess this is one food I just don't understand why anyone would want to make it.

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