Weekly Recipe Attempt: Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller

fishI've been eating healthy now for a couple of weeks and it's easier that I thought it would be.  OK I fell off the wagon and ate pizza on Sunday, but I'm blaming that on my brother.  He insisted.  The way I see it, though, if I keep eating meals like the one I'm talking about today, I can afford to have a slice of yummy pepperoni every once in a while.

Weekly Recipe Attempt: Broiled Tilapia with Horseradish and Herb-Spiked Mayo

Now I'm not really a big fish eater, but I want to be.  It's so healthy and easy to broil fish, and this recipe was no exception. 

I know what you're saying, "it has mayo on it!  How is that healthy?"  I'm defending the mayo by stating that I used fat-free mayo.  I also only used a dollop of it on the fish, so one dollop isn't going to kill me.

This recipe was great.  I still love all things chicken and the occasional slab of beef, but the fish was a lovely little change of pace.  And if you're afraid of fish, try tilapia.  It didn't smell fishy at all.  I know they tell you it should smell like the ocean, but this didn't really smell like anything.  It tasted fresh and lovely.

I give this recipe an 8.  And that's no fish tale, my friends.  OK that was a really bad joke.  I apologize.


Weekly Recipe Attempt: Quick Fix Meals

corn pimentoIt's historic.  I don't give out many of these, but this recipe gets a 10.  I know I usually wait until the end of the blog to tell you my score, but this one is too good.  You have to try this one.  I mean it.  Father's Day is this weekend and lots of people will be barbequeing.  This recipe is perfect to take to someone's house as a side dish.  What is this amazing recipe?  Drum roll please...

Weekly Recipe Attempt:  Corn-Pimento Salad

I know what you're thinking, "how is that an amazing salad?"  That's what I thought at first.  I picked this recipe because I had all of those ingredients in my refrigerator.  (Don't ask me why I had pimentos in my fridge.  Half the things I have in there are from some hair brained recipe gone awry.)

This is one of those great salads where no dressing is necessary.  You just toss it all together and viola!  Instant culinary genius!  It has is all.  It has color, and uniquness.  It uses up stuff you don't really know what to do with after you make your main dish.  It tastes amazing.  A culinary moron couldn't screw this up.  And, perhaps best of all, it's healthy!

Once again, this recipe gets a 10.  This is foodtvandme's highest honor.  Try it.  I swear it's good.

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