Feasting on brain sandwich

Alton Brown rides again and this time, he rides with a little food for thought.  On Saturday's, August 5th, episode of Feasting on Asphault, Alton chowed down on a brain sandwich.  Honestly, I can't remember anything else from the episode besides the valiant effort he made to look as if he enjoyed the sandwich.  If you noticed, they only showed him eating two bites of it.  It looked like a big fried donut, so maybe it didn't really taste like anything except fried batter.  If you would like to try this sandwich for yourself and can't find a restaurant that serves it, I found the recipe online.  It took a while to fish it out but I found one on RecipeLand.com .  Try it!  Let me know what you think.  This one looks a bit too exotic for me to attempt, but I would love to hear any opinions on the sandwich.


Alton Brown coming to Nashville

Look out Nashville! Alton Brown is coming to the Opryland Hotel  August 12th, to speak in the Guest Lecture series.  A.B. will be performing a cooking demonstration in the Delta Ballroom for $60.00 reserved seating, or $140.00 VIP.  Hopefully it will be something delicious like pie, and not something disgusting like this week's squid episode.  No matter what it will be, the audience will be in for an entertaining treat.  For tickets, contact the Gaylord Opryland Resort at 1-800-OPRY-872.


Feasting on Asphalt Premieres!

MotorcycleIf you love Alton Brown like I do, then you probably caught the premiere of his new show, Feasting on Asphalt.  In his new food venture, Alton is on a cross country trek eating his way from South Carolina to California.  He is sticking to "road food," only eating at places that hungry travelers would find by stumbling upon it.  No national chains allowed, no whinning, and if need be, all crew must fend for themselves in the wild. 

In the premiere episode, we first had the pleasure of watching Alton feast on delicious hot dogs poached and smothered in melted butter.  This was a appetizing tip that I am determined to try the next time I make hot dogs.  Hours later, the now starving Alton came across a closed diner where he was planning on having his next meal.  He winded up buying a pickled pig's foot from a non name brand mini mart and sinking his teeth in.  At this point I was grateful that I'd eaten hours ago, or it might have made me sick.  A.B. didn't seem to enjoy it very much either, but his loss of appetite carried him throught the next moring.  They then found a delicious little biscuit sandwich place, that look very appealing.

While Good Eats is by far a better show, I still found the motorcycle riding Alton amusing to watch.  I recommend trying this one out at least once, if only to see Alton attempt to stomach something else pickled.  Feasting on Asphalt is on Saturday nights at 9pm.

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