Hello fellow Food Network addicts! My name is Jessica, and I have been an avid fan of food television ever since I first came across Yan Can Cook years ago. Food T.V. has evolved a great deal into an entire network devoted to the cooking and exploration of food. I, myself, wasn't much of a chef in my younger years and pretty much stuck to macaroni and cheese from a box and Hamburger Helper without the hamburger for most of my meals. While I enjoyed watching the enthusiasm Yan showed while making a mean stir fry, it all seemed so complicated. My hopes of becoming a quality cook drifed away and I stuck to almost fool proof boxed meals. It wasn't until my college years when I came across the Food Network. The chefs made everything look so easy and fun. I started making simple dishes like spaghetti and garlic bread. My attempts became more advanced when I graduated to chicken with sauces. Even though a lot of the times everything was way too dry or salty, people still commended my efforts. They usually looked impressive, so I kept at it, and soon the tastes were palatable. The more I cooked, the more impressed people were by the dishes I came up with. Little did they know, I owed most of my success to the ingenuity of the Food Network kitchens. I am by no means a professional chef, nor do I claim to make delicious meals every time I cook. I'm still new at the world of cooking and love learning more and more everytime I watch the Food Network. This site is dedicated to all things Food Network. It will follow new shows, old shows, chefs and recipes. I'll attempt some dishes on my own, divulge how much they cost and try different variations of the things I see. I welcome all opinions and hope readers will explore their own inner chefs and share their experiences with other foodies-in-training. Come play with your Food Network!

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