Celebrate your 2008 resolution with the Food Network!

champThis year I resolve to be…healthy. Resolving to lose weight has never worked for me, so I’m taking a cue from both Giada and Rachael. All things in moderation. I’m also going to exercise, when I can, and drink water a lot.

If you’re like me, and you’re resolving to be healthier in 2008, you’re not alone. In fact, FoodNetwork.com can help you get there.

They have ideas to get on the healthy track, not the dieting track. Learn how to stock your pantry with better choices. Count the calories you burn in a day with the calorie tracker and get healthy recipes from Ellie Krieger.

It’s a fact that Americans are becoming increasingly unhealthy. Let’s all resolve to try and eat a piece of broccoli with dinner or walk to your boss’s office as opposed to calling her on the phone from 5 feet away. We can all live a little healthier. We just have to put a little effort into it.


  1. Jeff Said:

    If only we can convince the current reigning queen of butter, Paula Deen, to put the stuff aside more often. (Oooooh! I just felt the earth move. That's scary.)

  2. Jessica Said:

    If Paula put down the butter, how would we recognize her? We all need a little butter in our lives from time to time anyway so it's OK.

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