Sorry Alton Brown, Egg Nog is still gross

Most of the things that I see Alton Brown make seem interesting. However, egg nog, is still gross. I caught Food Network’s annual showing of his manufacturing of Egg Nog, and once again, I was intrigued. Intrigued enough, in fact to attempt having a swig of it at my office’s tree trimming party. Granted it was in a carton, and devoid of liquor, therefore not in tune with what one might consider true egg nog, but it turned me off the stuff once again.

I put this challenge out there to you all. Make some egg nog. Report back. Is it really as disgusting as it is when it comes from a carton?

For Alton’s recipe, Click Here.


  1. Jeff Said:

    I will drink the occasional cup of egg nog...if it has been suitably doctored with anything at least 80 proof. But I find it hard to believe "The Professor" cannot make egg nog palatable.

  2. Sam Said:

    I love the stuff. You should try Egg Nog Cheesecake. LOL. Also, " gross" is a bit childish for a food blog. JMO.

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