Christmas Italian style with Giada and Mario

Viva Italiano!  Or however you say it.  I caught this lovely little gem of a special last night that showed how some Italian-Americans spend Christmas.

It looked like fun, and seemed authentic (i.e. it was Giada not Rachael)!  My boyfriend and his family are Italian and this little special made me almost want to make his family some Italian specialities for Christmas.  Alas, I think that I won't make it properly and end up offending someone so I think I'll pass this time.

I thought it was interesting how instead of ham or turkey, the main dish is usually fish.  There was this dish Venitian Seafood Salad that looked so neat, yet complicated, that would wow any Christmas crowd.

You should definitley check this special out, if you're looking for something other tham ham for Christmas.  I'm sticking to the already cooked ham, just to be on the safe side.  It airs again December 8th at 2pm and December 9th at 5pm.


  1. adam Said:

    I caught that show too. My dish network info said it was from 2004. I don't remember that airing back then. Was Giada even popular then?

  2. Jeff Said:

    Yes, it is a rerun, but a worthwhile show. GDL was quite popular at the beginning, and had just come out of her shell as she started taping her series "Everyday Italian." Per her "Chefography" segment, understandably, she hesitated at talking too much about family because she was raised to be discreet, what with kidnappers attacking successful families like hers in Italy or anywhere, but, after an executive overseeing her show asked her on the set, "What's so special about the meal you're preparing?" she couldn't stop talking...or smiling.

  3. Lys Said:

    I saw this ep. last year and made sure to TiVo it this year. I'm not Italian, but thanks to Giada's books, I learned an appreciation for Italian cooking. After seeing this special, I again thought about how well done it was. I'll miss Mario on the FN :(

  4. Wicked Good Dinner Said:

    Stanley Tucci was the highlight for me last year...I'm glad they showed it again, but looking forward to some new shows :-)

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