Food Network Thanksgiving tips!

turkeyNeed a last minute recipe to round out your meal?  Having trouble figuring out how long to cook that bird?

Don't worry, it's to the rescue!

Find a turkey calculator, tips on how to carve, and those all important post-Thanksgiving recipes to use up leftovers. I especially love the carving tips because they are presented by the quirky Alton Brown.

I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. Toby Said:

    You should consider giving up this blog to someone who has time to update it.

  2. Jeremy Said:

    Toby, you could always start your own blog rather than complain about others.

  3. Judy Said:

    I have tried to find the turkey calculater on the foodnetwork site and can't find it. I have hated looking for anything since they changed the site to what it is now.

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