Weekly Recipe Attempt: 30 Minute Meals

meatball soupSouthern California is on fire, so naturally soup came to mind?  Here in Orange County, I'm surrounded by fires, and while I'm safe where I am right now, my heart and prayers go out to those who are losing their loved ones or homes to the out of control fires in So Cal. 

Onto lighter things.  It's hot and I needed a distraction, so I decided to watch 30 Minute Meals and make soup.  I know that soup doesn't traditionally go along with 85 degree weather, but I needed a little soul filling soup.

Weekly Recipe Attempt: Mini Meatball Soup

Right away you can probably see the biggest accidental alteration I made to this soup.  My meatballs aren't "mini."  I didn't listen to Rachael when she told me that these little suckers plump up when they poach.  Oh well.  My bad.  So it took a little longer to cook and I had to break them apart to eat them.  No harm.  No foul.  It tasted just as good to me.

This soup was tasty.  It was easy, too!  Don't let the long ingredient list fool you.  Most of these things you probably have on hand.  If I had them on hand, you have them on hand.

I give this recipe a 9 out of ten.  It loses a point because it just didn't knock my socks off.  It was delicious, but not delicious enought to be a ten.


  1. Me Said:

    Are you still living in Anaheim?

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