New Poll: What do you think of Amy Finley's new show, The Gourmet Next Door?

I've given you guys a couple of weeks to catch this show.  What do you think of it?  Does she live up to her "Easy Gourmet" hype?

In case you haven't seen one of the million promos for her show The Gourmet Next Door, Amy Finley, the winner of last season's Next Food Network Star, is trying to lead us all down the path of easy fancy food.

Her recipes are a little intimidating when you hear them, but I don't know if she stands out enough to make it.  I'm on the fence.

Will she be the next Guy Fieri?  Or the next Hearty Boys?


  1. Sam Said:

    She will be joining the HeartY Boys (who I like by the way). Boring show.

  2. Jeff Said:

    Let's give her some credit. At least she didn't stumble, and that dual purpose pastry batter(for profiteroles and gougeres)is something I'd like to try sometime. Remember, Giada didn't smile or talk much about her family or food until an off-screen director of production asked her about what she was cooking. Then she opened up like a healthy mollusk and can't seem to stop talking(okay, maybe long enough to breathe...and host the last hour of "Today" on NBC-TV one week per month).

  3. adam Said:

    I like Amy Finley as a personality, but I have to say that the show is very dry. And like Rachael Ray, Finley is in dire need of ... ahem ... some enhancements.

  4. Cathy Said:

    I thought she was refreshing, and I can actually eat most of what she made! I have many food allergies, so it is rare for me to find a cooking show present 'new and updated' ideas that I can actually make and eat. THANK YOU!

  5. bridget Said:

    i thing she'll go the way of the hardy boys (although i liked them and they have the first winner learning curve). i question how guy fieri is still on the show. but here's something to think on food tv was promoting the NEXT food star competion be for amy's show even it the air! boy'em in boy'em out.

  6. jennifer Said:

    you can tell she's a little nervous in front of the camera, but i think that is normal and may pass. i hope she eases up, because her recipes are great!

  7. Mary Johnson Said:

    I think her show is very boring---she has NO personality---if you don't have the personality to keep viewers watching you really don't have anything no matter how good or bad you can cook! I don't think she will make it past her 6 episodes.

  8. Chelle Said:

    I think she did a pretty good job. I'm definitely trying some of her recipes. Yeah, she seemed a bit nervous in front of the camera but I think that's normal in the beginning. Hopefully she'll improve. :-)

  9. Tom Beck Said:

    I like the food she is showing off, and she's presentable enough, but she's no star (not yet, anyway). One pet peeve: she says "Okay" way too much; maybe that's being petty of me, but nobody has a right to a TV show. On the other hand, I'm no fan of Giada or Sarah Lee or Rachael, either. I think she's a better cook than they are. Dunno if she will last. I don't see much effort by TFN to promote her; probably they're just letting her play out her string and then bye-bye.

  10. Wicked Good Dinner Said:

    I was hoping for something different than the usual Food Network show formula, but overall, I think Amy did a really good job. It's a low budget show - basically 6 test pilots. Future: I'd love to see them put her into a different kind of show where she is more in her element of personal chef. Maybe going across America as the Gourmet Next Door - your personal chef for the day! Food Network already has a dozen shows that teach us how to cook in a fully stocked studio kitchen...I'd like to see more of it happening inside our homes.

  11. Just ME Said:

    I don't care for her recipies & think her show is DULL!!

  12. peggy Said:

    NO personality and dull. I'll skip her.

  13. Rose Hite Said:

    I like Amy very much. Her recipes are practical, but fun, and she explains things clearly. She has a nice voice, not loud like Rachel Ray.

  14. Liz Said:

    I like her show and here's hoping she'll get a chance to do more shows but her hair is very distracting to me. Every time I watch I keep thinking she looks like Medusa. Sorry, call me shallow but that's what I see. She needs to cut her hair short, then I could pay more attention to her cooking.

  15. sue Said:

    She sucks. Her wardrobe is horrendous. Her recipes are boring. She was voted off the show and she should have stayed off.

  16. Polo Said:

    Wasn't she eliminated then just brought back when the guy who lied about his resume was kicked out just before the final show? Rory should have won by default. Rory has more personality and livelier than Amy. Big mistake to bring Amy back. Come to think of it, had that guy not been kicked out, Amy was actually only placed third. What a big mistake to bring her back. Really poor judgment by Food TV. The show "Search For the Next Food Network Star", lost any credility with Amy. I don't think it can recover.

  17. Fleagirl Said:

    Rory would have been a much better TV personality, and certainly would have been a hit with her recipes. Honestly--look at who is still on food network.Sara Moulton or Paula Deen? Viewers look for personality first--not sophistication! If I'm making profiteroles I'm turning to cookbooks, not tv.

  18. msw Said:

    I don't think I can improve on what Sue(comment #15 2/12/08) said. She pretty much sums up everything I wanted to say. Hey Food Network, you can do better than Amy!!!!

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