Ingrid Hoffman is...

Simply BORING!

According to 69% of the people who voted, Ingrid Hoffman doesn't show us the spice she claims to have.  Last weekend I saw her make a bunch of side dish looking things and put all the different gunks into bowls.  The bowls were squares, rectangles, and Ls and they all added up to one big square.  She had enough big squares for each person at a picnic. 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to lug around that much stuff when I'm at the beach.  There's just nothing "simple" about that.

Here are the official results:

  • 59 people said she was simply boring (69% of the votes.)

  • 31 people said she was simply delicioso (31% of the votes.)

If you like her, by all means you are entitled to your opinion.  I'm just glad more people agree with me.


  1. Kelly J. Said:

    Actually, she's no more boring than Bobby Flay, Paula Dean (That AWFULL TWANG!!!!) and plump pixie Rachel Ray. She adds much needed "spice" and diversity to a bland, white-bread network.

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