Sandra Lee's Floor/Table-scape?

You all know that I love Sandra, but even I couldn't get on board with the tablescape that I saw today.  She was doing a Tuscan-themed dinner, which looked pretty good.  The cocktail was pretty (and strong, of course.)  I was enjoying things thoroughly.  Until the tablescape portion came.  Oh the tablescape.  The camera pans out on a very elaborate table with...

...a CHAIR on top of the table.  She then decorated it with silk flowers, like the flowers would hide the fact that she put a chair on the table as a centerpiece.

I almost had the same reaction to the tablescape that I had when I watched Britney Spears last night on the Video Music Awards.  Oh my, what have you done now.

Sandra.  Please.  Hear my plea.  I stand up for you through the sauce packets, the alcohol drenched cocktails, and even the matchy matchiness, but please.  Chairs, and all other furniture, belong on the floor.  Don't ever do anything again to make me compare you to Britney Spears.


  1. Jeff Said:

    How about a scale-model chair? That might work. She normally likes miniatures, when available.

  2. J. Armijo Said:

    I really do like Sandra Lee and her recipes are simple and pretty, however, I do think she overdoes it with the decorations and the tablescapes, too match-matchy, even matches with her clothes. Most of us could not afford to purchase everything used for her tablescapes.

  3. jdevore Said:

    For all those Sandra Lee fans...Open Arms in Findlay Ohio is bringing her in for her first live food demonstration and she will be talking about her abusive upbringing for the first time. Highlights from her new biography, Made From Scratch. Anyone interested can visit the website or call 419-422-4624.

  4. Robin Said:

    Sandra, Just wanted you to know that I think you are the best on TV. I love your tablescape. You have the best ideas. Keep up the good work


    sandra, i watch your show every day. i would like to know if there is a book with all your table scapes in it. i use your recipes all the time and i love your decorations. i am your biggest fan. you are my inspiration on decorating for me and my family. thank you in advance for your help donna pardue 1586 carnes wilson rd lancaster, s.c 29720

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