New Poll! Ingrid Hoffman - Simply Delicioso or Simply Seen it Before?

I want to start by apologizing for my absence.  A lot has been going on at my work (I even have to come in on Saturdays and stuff) so I haven't been able to catch a lot of Food TV let alone write about it.  But things have slowed a bit for the time being, so I am back and ready to write.  Starting off, here's a new poll. 

I might ruffle some feathers with this one, but what do you think of the sexy new Miami chef, Ingrid Hoffman

I've caught a couple of her shows, and to me, it seems like she's a lot like a lot of the other chefs, excuse me, cooks, that are on Food Network already.  The only difference is that she's Latina and has an accent.  This might be a big difference for some, but to me we already have a lot of "real world" type cooks. 

I think we need at least one more real chef on that can make some things from scratch.  Ina Garten and Nigella seem to be holding down the fort on their own. 

Am I out of line?  Have you fallen in love with the hot Floridian?  Or were you to bored to even check out her show?  Please feel free to say what you like.


  1. Jeff Said:

    I like her. She's attractive, funny, and she seems to cook some interesting meals.

  2. Sam Said:

    I totally agree with you. You hit it dead on. I wish FN would get rid of her,Sandra, and Paula. She may be attractive but so annoying. Everting she cooks has been done before on all the other FN shows. They should have hired Daisy.

  3. J. Armijo Said:

    I am definitely not a fan of Ingrid Hoffman (what kind of Latina name is Ingrid Hoffman)??? Sounds swedish to me. I am not impressed, find a real Latina to cook REAL Hispanic foods.

  4. Chris Bonney Said:

    I like her - I've gotten some great tips and I couldn't care less if she's a "real chef"...I also love her watch and am dying to know WHAT IT IS!!!!

  5. Nell Pflughaupt Said:

    I like her show the food and drink are fresh ideas and quick to make,very colorful. When you are on a busy schedule her food good to entertain friends and family.

  6. Nancy Said:

    I like Ingrid Hoffman, she makes me laugh - far from boring. Now Negella on the other hand can't cook if her life depended on it. Yuck what crap she calls food!

  7. Lupita Said:

    In América (Not the U.S.A) it is very common to have european last names. She does not need to be cooking beans and tortillas everyday to show you that she is real Latina. It is true, she has accent but who cares! She is very intelligent and brilliant. Forget about the stereotypes and let her be.

  8. wes Said:

    Ingrid is entertaining and sexy! She always looks likes she's having fun cooking and I like the dishes she prepares. I'm doing brandy shrimp and emerald rice today, woohoo!

  9. Gary Said:

    I look forward to her show. She cooks different dishes than you see on the other shows-with a latin influence. OK. if you don't like latino influenced cooking-don't watch the show. I do, and she has shown me some interesting and relatively easy dishes to make. She seems like she is having fun and that is what it is all about. If you don't like her show, I suggest you morons stick to your dumb Iron Chef show which just bounces around with the camera and gives me a headache and shows me nothing.

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