And the winner is: Amy Finley!

Amy wins it all!  A brand new Food Network show and a place in all of our hearts, or at least a shot a winning a place in our hearts.  She wasn't my favorite, but I'll give her a shot. 

She won fair and square.  While it is true that JAG dropped out of the competition, which probably led to the chance for either of the girls to win, she still won.  People voted, and she got the most votes.  Tah Dah.

I know a lot of people have strong opinions on this subject, and please feel free to voice your opinions here.

Let it out. Let it all out.


  1. Jeff Said:

    From everything I've read, it seems like Amy will settle down and do what she has to do to put together the six episodes. As for the mystery of whether she has a husband, I don't even know if Sandra Lee has one, and that doesn't really bother me at all(I must have missed a big chunk of her "Chefography" segment). It's not the same type of "crime" JAG committed, what with lack of disclosure of his past, or fabrications, etc., so I have no ill feelings toward Amy. I wish her the best. As for Rory, I've been reading numerous blogs, and writers complain, "Oh, she was on this other show and lost!!!" Yeah, but she discovered Vega, TX while on that other reality show, a new boyfriend, started a restaurant, and transplanted herself from Jersey to Texas in the process. And she's a loser? She's doing what she wants. In her own unique way, she's a winner.

  2. Sam Said:

    Sandra Lee did have a husband (Real Estate Tycoon)that's how she funded her show but now she's divorced and seeing some politician in NY. I also heard Amy divorced. All irrevelant to me but I thought I would share what I've read.

  3. Mel Said:

    I personally thought Amy was/is the wrong choice. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I don't feel that Amy is the "Gourmet Next Door". As for her being married I really could care a less. It has nothing to do with her skills.

  4. J. Armijo Said:

    What I don't like about all these so called "contests" is that most of the contestants are already chefs, or own restaurants, or have some type of professional cooking experience. Why don't they use "real" people who love cooking and can bring in some "freshness" to the same old routines, TV professionalism is great, but maybe a little more "down to earth" would be greater. I definitely preferred Amy over Rory, however, I am not sure she was the right choice.

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