Who will be the Next Food Network Star? Find out Sunday!

It's down to two, the writer mom, Amy and the wannabe restauranteur, Rory.  Both are very qualified for the job and have both attended culinary institutes.  Bout only one will end up the winner of their very own Food Network show.

They both have their appeal.  Amy is a little reminiscent of a more American Giada, who incidentally is her favorite chef, and will fit in well with the rest of the ladies.  She has class, but is still approachable.  She does seem a bit pretentious to me, but what do I know about actual chefs.  Her major downfall in my eyes is the fact that her favorite food is eggplant.  Yuck.  I don't want to watch a lot of stinky eggplant recipes.

Then there's Rory.  She's spunky and firey.  She's kind of like one of the boys, but she's a girl.  I think I like this one the best.  She's more unique than Amy and I think she'll be more fun to watch when she has her own show.

What do you think?  Am I way off base?  Please feel free to add your opinions and don't forget to cast your vote in my poll!

The winner will be announced this Sunday, July 22nd at 9pm.


  1. Jim Said:

    I hope neither of them win -- compared to Jag, both are terrible cooks. Compare the last meals they cooked: boiled egg with burnt lentils (wow that looked bad) and grilled steak with potatos&bacon compared to that lobster with garlic tomato wine sauce over pasta with broccolini. Jag screwed himself into the corner, but he certainly should have won. I won't vote for, or watch either Amy or Rory.

  2. Sam Said:

    I voted for Amy. Jag's last meal did look awesome but Amy's winning chicken recipe the week before looked really good too.

  3. Jeff Said:

    It's early yet in your straw poll to know who message board readers like. I like Rory more than Amy(I'm putting looks aside here). I think Rory is less pretentious than Amy, but Amy has learned a lot and really shone at the Iron Chef-style challenge. I think Bob Tuschman from Food Network praised Rory on the RR live audience challenge, saying, IIRC, that he hadn't seen that much fire in anyone since Rachael. If Amy wins, however, I'm sure an independent producer could tape her contracted six episodes in or near San Diego. If she succeeds, who knows? (Giada tapes "Everyday Italian" in a rented house in or near L.A., where she and her hubby live.)

  4. HJ Said:

    Jef - Rory less pretentious than Amy?!?! You've GOT to be kidding me. It's affluent Rory (grew up a rich kid in NJ, dad's a restauranteur and noted attorney and apparently helped his daughter open up her own restaurant at the age of 22) who I find to be pretentious. She keeps up with this "down home Texas girl" schtick when she has only lived in Texas for 2 years! She grew up in Saddle River, NJ where the median family income is 3.5 times that of the average American. And I'm slightly insulted when she says she wants to cook "real food for real people". I'm just not sure how to take that, coming from Texas myself. I think she just wants to be on TV really, really bad. After all, this is her SECOND go-around at reality TV. She was on CMT's Popularity Contest show 2 years ago. In fact, that's how she ended up in Vega, TX. The show was filmed there and she met and fell in love with some Vega guy who trains horses. Now I'd just like to know who paid the thousands of dollars for the big ad (including a link to vote for Rory) on Perez Hilton's website. And interestingly enough, the ad was already there when the "final two" TNFNS episode was airing! Supposedly, Perez's website gets 5 million hits a day - I wonder how many people voted for Rory not even knowing who Rory was?! Go Amy! (even though it's a lost cause)

  5. Madeline Said:

    I seriously could not choose! It stressed me out! I ended up going with Amy since I think the quick/easy meal thing that Rory does is pretty well covered. I'd like to see the FN move it up a notch as far as skill level goes (not that I would make Amy's dishes, but I like watching her make them).

  6. HJ Said:

    It *appears* Rory won. Yesterday a bio for Rory was added to Food Network OnDemand; nothing was put up for Amy. A major goof by FN, perhaps?? I can only hope they're purposely trying to mislead us, but I highly doubt that's the case. :(

  7. HJ Said:

    I forgot to mention... I think it's interesting that Chef Anthony Bourdain wants Amy to win. (As much as he despises the Food Network, I'm surprised he's even watching the show.)

  8. Diana Vander Vlis Said:

    Yay! I'm so glad Amy won. I never voted on anything like this in my life but I made of point of voting for Amy. I just couldn't hack Rory's perenniel, and therefore, inauthentic smile. What I find interesting is that the selection committee is out of tune with what America wants. They actually voted Amy as #3! Oooops! _-Diana_ http://student.santarosa.edu/~dvanderv/efolio/portfolio/

  9. Leigher O'Hara Said:

    I am very disappointed that Amy won......for three reasons.....as a chef, you have to look neat....her hair is always a mess.....secondly, if she cracks under pressure and "wants to go home" to her family on competition, what will a network television responsibility to do her.....third, she was voted by people/viewers.....to win even though she was voted OFF by the professional and was only reinstated because of JAG..... Rory has her own issues but was confident and straightforward in her presentation.....I read that someone was offended because Rory comes from money......hello, have you heard of Giada DiLaurentiis (famous hollywood family and multi-millionaire)....

  10. Karen Said:

    I liked Amy throughout the program. She was the most consistent. However I was very impressed with Rory's performance on Rachael Ray. One question ...is Amy married? I didn't hear anyone mention a spouse. Just curious. Am looking forward to seeing her show in the Fall. Hope things work out for Rory as well. I thought that Bobby and Emeril looked surprised when they opened the envelope:0

  11. Linda Giles Said:

    Amy said she was married, she married her husband in Paris. They met in the US but married in paris, which is apparently where he is from. I did think it was a little weird that he was not there in the audience, nor was he mentioned. I was not happy Amy won. To me she comes across as a snob. I really thought for sure Rory would win. I was REALLY hoping JAG would win. He was the best chef I thought, and I thought he was good on camera. What he didn't know about being on TV he could have learned. I'm just sorry about what happened with him. He clearly has issues. Hope we get to see him again. I don't think it's important to this issue if someone has lots of money to begin with or comes from money. I am still interested in what Amy's show will be about. Actually, my absolute favorite contestant was Paul. I think he would have made the most fun show. He is openly gay and I think that's something new for the Food Network.

  12. Bon Said:

    It'll be interesting to see if Amy's program winds up in the depths of Food TV hell (eg, 6am time slot on a Sunday). The Gourmet Next Door? That's a euphemism for "French Cooking for Dummies".

  13. Keith Said:

    How about the Paul and Jag show. I think that would be a hit for the Foodnetwork.

  14. Lauren Said:

    In regards to Amy being married, I'm pretty sure she left the guy during the show. And she wasn't wearing her wedding ring either in the finale either. Obviously a conflict of interest. I think it's tragic to have rory win the vote of the judges but not the popular. I mean, the judges are the one that know what they're talking about, no? I don't know....but Rory had my vote all along.

  15. Sam Said:

    I voted for Amy but after watching the finale I wish I could change my vote. She just didn't seem excited. I wonder if she will stick with it.

  16. JANE Said:

    Rory is from a wealthy family. Her father owned a restaurant. After she finished culinary school, HE LET HER RUN HIS RESTAURANT. she met her new boyfriend during ANOTHER reality show. so she moved to vega. did she open her restaurant? nope, she joined up on the fraud that is food network new big star TV. the whole "rory, restaurant owner" schtick was just that, schtick. otherwise they would have to have referred to her as "rory, rich girl, wannabee celebutante". so, what's the media whore's next move? wait and find out. one thing for sure, she's no chef. "i usuallly cook my ribs for five hours, and this time i only had 45 minutes, but i made 'em anyway". what a load of crap.

  17. Sam Said:

    So what if she's from a wealthy family? So what if she was on another reality show? These are irrelevant points in my opinion. It's about being a food show host and cooking. Stick to the topic.

  18. Paul Said:

    Jane, To get your facts straight. Rory created and opened her own restaurant. Her father may have owned the building but the entire restaurant from its concept to the menus and recipes to the decor were all Rory's hard work. She now owns a restaurant (all hers) in Texas that she built from the ground up. And yes these are facts because I have known the family my entire life. Rory has worked incredibly hard throughout the years to be successful in her own right. She is a chef. She graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. If you watched the episodes the judges were very impressed with HER FOOD during the Iron Chef challenge. She also happened to win the front cover of Bon Appetite magazine. Who cares if her father has money? Obviously you are jealous and seem to have some beef with her family. To attack someone's family on a message board is generally repugnant but hey, that is what the anonymity of the internet will let you do.

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