Weekly Recipe Attempt: Throwdown with Bobby Flay

slawCole slaw has a special place in my heart.  No, I'm not kidding.  When I was 4, I was in the hospital over Christmas due to some asthma complications.  I don't really remember much about it, or anything really, except for one nurse and one special night. 

The nurse came into my room one night, and my dad was there with me, so he can attest to this story's authenticity.  She asked me if I wanted anything to eat and with a smile said, "anything you want, we'll get for you."  So naturally, being the weirdest kid ever, I said that I wanted cole slaw.  I kid you not.  She said, "anything," and I said, "cole slaw."  And by golly, she got me that cole slaw and man it was delicious.  So, in an ode to that, and because it's summer, I bring you Bobby Flay's version of cole slaw.

Weekly recipe attempt: Napa Cabbage Slaw

This recipe caught my eye because it was cole slaw with an Asian twist.  Instead of salt, there was soy sauce.  Instead of hot sauce, there was chili oil.  Instead of red wine vinegar, there was rice wine vinegar.  It was a fresh little salad to have with my hot dog. 

I have to admit, I used green bell peppers instead of red because the green were on sale, and I had regular peas so I used them instead of snow peas.  I know regular peas taste nothing like snow peas, but I like regular peas and I'm the one making the salad.  You can use snow peas in your own salad.

I give this recipe a 7.  I liked the fact that it didn't use a lot of mayonnaise, so it's pretty healthy, but it didn't hold a candle to that bowl of cole slaw I got in the hospital when I was four.  But then again, maybe no slaw ever will.


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