Sandra Lee's Restaurant Re-Makes

I tought i'd seen it all.  They made Rachael battle Giada.  They threw a star studded Thankksgiving dinner.  Now, to tie all the chefs together, they have one cook ripping off two other Food Network chefs.  When a stand-up comedian steals jokes from another comedian, rarely does that comedian brag about it.

Leave it to the marvelous Food Network, and the short cut queen herself, Sandra Lee, to bring such a concept to our living rooms.  In today's all new episode of Semi-Homemade Cooking entitled "Restaurant Remakes: Bobby and Mario," Sandra Lee takes recipes from these two chef's famous restaurant menus and turns them into semi-homemade masterpieces.

Is she running out of ideas?  Is there a reason that Mario Batali and Bobby Flay can't make these recipes on their own shows?  It was such a strange concept.  I felt uncomfortable watching it.

Do you think this is a good idea?  Should we let our favorite chefs re-make other Food Network chef's dishes?  Something just isn's righ here.  But maybe it's just me.


  1. Shelley Said:

    I missed that Saturday, so I'll try to watch it when it airs again Monday afternoon. Sandra gets on my nerves with the centerpieces and napkin rings, but I think it's an interesting concept to reinvent Bobby and Mario's menu items. Isn't that what Rachael does, anyway? Reinvents other people's food? Sometimes I wish I could produce my own foodnetwork show and call it "Leftover Gourmet." I always seem to have a lot of extra food (just cooking for two here) when I cook recipes from Rachael and Paula, etc., and I have invented some amazing dishes from those. I wouldn't do a show like Robin Miller's "busy mom" gimmick though -- she creates too many meals that kids wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Beet salad? Yuck, gimme a break!

  2. AJ Said:

    Yeah, that show was kinda unusual. I don't know the purpose of mentioning whose recipe she was reinventing, afterall does she do that to every meal? I felt more like she was "name dropping". Nonetheless, I'd never use one of her recipes - they are just so gross. And I have to agree with the previous poster, what kid it going to eat most of the recipes she prepares? FN needs to change its food concept-most of the show hosts recipes are getting wierder and grosser. I'd like to see more diversity and culture.

  3. Lee2706 Said:

    AJ - I second that motion. Food Network is starting to move away from _food_ and selling sex, gimmickry, effing tablescapes, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Giada and Nigella in kitchen-inappropriate clothing. However, some of the shows they have on are down-right ridiculous. They are moving towards the MTV model of a theme channel: show everything but the theme. They did well with Tyler - three shows about various ways to cook food for people with varied abilities. With more and more people going to culinary school just for kicks and ordinary folks like me who want gourmet at home, he fills a need for a broad range of cooks. But when Giada does things like 'Behind the Bash' and 'Weekend Getaways' I roll my eyes. How many of us actually get to go to one of Giada's Bashes? And don't get me started on their Challenges. Most of those things are just crap. I just want to shake the host, he's so annoying. Sincerely - Food TV Curmudgeon

  4. joey huxman Said:

    Your next food network star program is a bust.the only winners are the folks who did not make it to the finals and you are the losers.In a week since you ask us the people who watch your network you have only recieved 47 votes for the remaining two contestants.What does that tell you?

  5. Michael House Said:

    I am a real chef and what happens in 99% of all restaurants is "factory" food. The same thing over and over every night. So much for gourmet. Yeah if you can afford $200.00 or up to $1000.00 for a meal; cool if not maybe you might consider a dressed down version that you can do yourself. Malto Mario was great but admit it a lot of the ingredients to me are not available and not affordable. I can't go to NYC nor can I "Go Behind the Bash" how would I have any idea what any of these events are if Food network didn't show me these. Please let the Food Network try to show me things I will never see or know.

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