Food Network's Burger Bonanza!

I was craving a cheeseburger last Friday, and unfortunatley decided to drag my brother into the craving as well.  He has a grill so I brought over some hamburger and made cheeseburgers.  I always do this.  I get an idea in my head and think that it will be everything I think it will be, get too excited, and throw the recipe together.  The burgers were bad.  They were like hockey pucks on buns.  Yuck.

I should have been prepared.  I should have looked at the Food Network website.  They have a splendid little section on the front page that's all about burgers, hence the "Burger Bonanza!"

Burgers aren't simple.  They take preparation and forethought.  I know Rachael Ray makes it look easy, but she has billions of burger recipes and makes them all the time.  People like me who eat burgers once in a blue moon need help.

The Burger Bonanza rescues the dullest burger by offering creative things to put on the burger such as:

It also has step by step videos of burger handling grilling.

It's a great site to get you in the mood for summer, and burgers!


  1. Jeremy Said:

    Yeah, the burgers weren't great, but at least I finished mine! Jessica didn't even eat her whole burger!

  2. Michael House Said:

    I have had a ephinany. I don't know why but I was cruising a "Wally World" and they had these boxed 1/3 lb basic burgers on sale. I let them thaw in the fridge and grilled them with nothing more than seasoned salt and pepper. OMG, we all know the less you mess with your burger (handling, mixing, etc..) the better well my theory is they must have made the patty without much handling and so created a spectacular Burger. Jucey, flavorful, To die for. Nothing I expected. Better than the best I hav ever had, sit down, fast food, what ever. I can't explain it but you know where and they are in a brown box.

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