Who will be the Next Food Network Star?

Watch Season Three to find out!  And if you missed it, catch the recap on FoodNetwork.com by clicking here.  Ok, I missed it.  I didn't realize it was on again.  I also have to admit that I like Bravo's version of this food based competition (Top Chef) better. 

I haven't been that big of a fan of the past winners (sorry Guy Fieri.)  No one even remembers the "Hearty Boys."  I think what doomed those two from season one was the title of their show.  The food was catering food, not hearty food.  They were companions, not brothers.  The title misled the viewers.  We didn't quite know what to expect when we were watching the show.

And, while I like Guy's (season two's winner) attempt to match the title with the show, his food isn't really something new.  I also don't really like any cooking show that enlists the help of innocent bystanders into the cooking process.  If I cook a meal for someone, I do it for them.  I don't make them help cook, too.  It kind of defeats the purpose. 

Maybe this next batch of competitors will be up to my high standards of Food Network personalities.  Want to meet the new contestants?  Click here.

Who do you think stands out as a major competitor?


  1. Sam Said:

    It will be on again Thursday and Saturday. I also like Top Chef better (and Hell's Kitchen too). I don't mind Guy or Dan and Steve (the Hearty Boys). Both shows air on Sunday mornings and I have tried a few good recipes from both.

  2. Jeff Said:

    Now that Jag's credentials have come into question, he may be the wild card in the deck. I'm betting Rory Schepisi will succeed where Carissa Seward(season 2, similar physique?)missed the mark(evidence the rib recipe that wins the Bon Appetit challenge, and her choice of attire for the NBA challenge). Paul was cautioned to not spin out of control...so what does he do as he leaves the "judges' chambers"? Goes positively giddy and giggles as he returns to the living quarters upstairs. He definitely needs reining in. Something tells me Adrian(sp?)might have the edge

  3. Shelley Said:

    My bet is that next to leave will be Paul, then Amy, then Jag. Michael has the food talent, Adrian has good TV vibes, and Rori is somewhere in the middle. I also like Top Chef, but the goal of these two shows is so different, I don't try to compare them. Top Chef isn't about getting your own show -- it's about getting the bucks to start your own restaurant.

  4. Shelley Said:

    Boy, was *I* wrong!!! ;]

  5. AJ Said:

    I'm not thrilled with any of them really -- they should scrap the group and start over again. ....But if I had to pick one out, it would probably be Adrien -- like FN needs another white dude. He's good looking, seems sincere and handles himself well in front of the camera. So does Rory for that matter but her teeth and gums are very distracting -- and I don't I don't really like how she was trying to use "sex appeal" to sway people's opinions. I just absolutely hate that -- that just dumbs down women so much.

  6. Lee2706 Said:

    Of the people left (from Sunday, July 9) it seems like Mom Chef Amy has the most skills to win. She was quite sharp during the Iron Chef challenge when it was her turn to comment - very Alton-like. JAG can suck it and Ms. Chompers over there uses too much of her twins and teeth not her cooking skills to get past the producers. Would either of them make a good show host? The Hearty Boys still quiver like crack addicts when plating and Guy just keeps getting bigger and more annoying. If I want Guy's food, I go to Chili's or TGI Friday's. Amy is trying to be Julia Child reincarnate and that may work for her. She has the most refined vision for a show. The backyard bistro crap (a Booby Bobby?) and handfuls of soffrito will not make a good show.

  7. Bon Said:

    When JAG let his personality shine he was really interesting to watch; but after everything that had happened, he was obviously not mature enough (or stable enough???)to be TNFNS. So now having to choose between the Affected Gourmet or Rustic Bosoms, I couldn't care less -- neither one is that exciting.

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