Behind the scenes of Good Eats

Alton Brown and his wacky cast of on scene characters aren't the only ones who have fun on the Good Eats set.  The off camera people get in on the act, too!  Especially the husband and wife team of Dana Popoff, producer of "Good Eats," and husband Marion Laney, who is the show's director of photography.

I came across an article by TV and Media Editor, Mike Brantley, who interviewed the couple and led to some fun insight into the behind the scenes world of food tv.  Think the cast and crew get to eat the fun food that's been cooked on the show?  Think again.  Brantley reports:

"If something gets cooked, unless we know there is not a scene afterward where we have to use the same exact-looking thing, we don't touch it," said Laney.


To read more about the behind the scenes antics, click here for Brantley's full article.


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