New poll! A Mother's Day theme

I thought in honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, that this week's theme should be centered around mom.  Afterall, she is generally the one who teaches us to cook, and the one who made all those meals for all those crazy people who lived under your roof.

Every time I watch the Food Network, I see a bit of my mom in the way that Sandra Lee cooks.  If she's reading this, which she probably is, she has no idea who that is.  Trust me, mom, it's a compliment. 

me and momSandra Lee finds shortcuts in cooking to make meals that taste delicious but don't take a lot of time.  There is no shame in using stuff from the store and turning it into your own meal.  My family was always so busy.  My brother played waterpolo religiously and I swam for 5 hours a day every day.  My mom was a middle school teacher and worked really hard all day, while my dad also worked an 8 to 6 job.  By the time we all got home, and believe me that was never at the same time, my mom had made something for dinner.  Sometimes parts of it were from boxes and stuff, but we were all fed and happy.  That in itself was miraculous.  My brother only eats chicken and pizza, and he still does today at the age of 27.  Because of my mother's ingenuity, my flare for cooking was sparked.  OK, I admit I'm no professional chef, but I'm not afraid of the stove either, and that's all due to my mom.

Thanks, mom!

Feel free to post something about your mom, tis the season!


  1. Anne Said:

    That is a very nice photo. We think your mom is special too. She feeds us quite well every other Thursday :-) I enjoy your blog. I hope to catch more of the cooking shows in the future. Anne and Gary

  2. Michael House Said:

    Reading what you had to say about your mom brought back a lot of things. It was just me and mom and of course she worked a lot but when she dated she required that I was taken out to dinner too. She wanted me to know maybe not the "good life" but more than she could give me. I became a chef and we ran restaurants together. She would bake and I handled most else. I don't know if this is approipiate but I sure miss her. Every dish is for her.

  3. Jessica Said:

    Michael, that is so sweet. It is always appropriate to praise someone who is special to you, especially someone who gave you life, like your mother.

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