And the winner is: Jamie Oliver

The Naked Chef ran away with this poll, which would have been quite the site to see, I might add.  About 60% of you miss his heavy English accent and his simple way of cooking.  He was a very entertaining cook to watch, but I never saw something that he made that I would want to replicate.  It was very...English. 

But who am I to argue with the masses.  If you miss your favorite chef, tell me about him or her in the comments section.  We can all grieve together.

Here are the results:

  1. 63% of you (46 of the votes) long to bring back the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver.  (You remember he wasn't actually naked, right?)

  2. 16% of you (12 of the votes) are dreaming of the Sweet Dreams chef Gale Gand coming back to television. 

  3. 11% of you (8 of the votes) wish Wolfgang Puck was part of the Food Network gang, again.

  4. 10% of you (7 of the votes) would like Juan-Carlos Cruz to cruise by our TV sets.

That's it for the results!  Make sure to check out this week's poll and feel free to comment on this one.


  1. Sue Gordon Said:

    I just found your website. I really like it... I love love love Jamie Oliver. I loved his first (was it?) show where he used to slide down the bannister and go out with his buds before coming back to cook a FABULOUS meal. His Green Chicken Curry was authentically awesome. I found the recipe for you. It is soooooooooo good.,,FOOD_9936_13258,00.html?rsrc=search Keep cooking.

  2. Jessica Said:

    Thanks, Sue! That does look delicious. I think I'd omit the pistachios, though. I'm not a big fan of those. Maybe I'll ad some other nut, like pine nute.

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