Rachael Ray's holidays: must there be lamb?

I don't know what Rachael Ray's fascination is with lamb, but it seems it's the only thing she likes to make on a special occasion.  Rachael decided to make tiny lamb chop bites for her Wedding Week contribution.  She made baby lamb chops with artichoke and tarragon sauce and they looked pretty and cute and fun for an engagment party.  But alas...

For her Mother's Day menu, what do you think she took a stab at making?  Lamb chops with mint and mustard dipping sauce!  I swear I've seen her make lamb for Thanksgiving before.  I understand that with the time constraint of 30 minutes, you are limited in the elegant things that you can make, but please.  I don't want lamb every holiday.  It's expensive.  I don't think expensive = elegant.  Good food = fun dinner party.  Bea little more creative, Rachael.


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