Weekly recipe attempt: Barefoot Contessa

shrimpIn keeping with this week's theme of Weddings, I chose one of my favorite appetizers of all time for all cocktail-type affairs: shrimp cocktail.  Ina Garten made this recipe for a wedding anniversary dinner, and I think it would make an excellent shower appetizer.  It's simple and pretty.  It's yummy, too, which never hurts.

Weekly recipe attempt:  Shrimp Cocktail

While it's true that you can buy the shrimp and the sauce already prepared, I think there is something fun about making any type of dip yourself.  I did, however, purchase the shrimp already cooked, but everything else was made from scratch. 

My sauce was a little on the thin side, and I don't really know why that happened, but it tasted fine, nonetheless.  I think this dish finds success in the presentation.  I think I saw Rachael Ray serve her shrimp cocktail the way that I served mine above.  It looks festive and an will impress anyone.

I give this recipe an 8.  It just tasted like an 8.


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