Nigella Lawson's trashy decadence

hamI caught this episode last weekend on the Food Network.  The lovely Nigella made "trashy" food.  I'm all for trashy food and cook it on a regular basis, but somehow this British beauty still looked sexy even while cooking Elvis's favorite dish, the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.  I remember watching her eat this food-type concoction on her white couch and cringing every time she took a bite.  Not because of the sandwich, but because she eats like no one is looking and I was sure that at any moment a huge glob would come squirting out the side of the sandwich and fall right onto the white couch. It didn't, but I was worried the whole time.

Anyway, on the the more fascinating, pertinent recipe of the show.  Since Easter is coming up, there was a trashy-style ham on the show.  It was a ham baked in Coca Cola, if you can imagine.  Tracey over at Foodie Obsessed saw this ham recipe as well.  She found the actual recipe for this ham on the Style Network's website.  Please click here for her take on the recipe and the recipe itself.  I thought the ham looked delicious, but I'm still sticking to my pre-cooked ham that comes with the glaze in little baggie that you add later.  I know it's tragic, but it's family tradition.  I take more liberties with the sides any way.


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