Rachael Ray saves the world

OK that was a bit of an overstatment, but the quick cooking queen, Rachael Ray, is doing a little extra to help keep our planet a greener place.  The Post Chronicle has reported a Page Six bit of information that states "Ray insists on not only driving a Prius, but being driven around in one."  Ray uses a car service, Ozo Car, that only utilizes hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius.

I don't know why, but I kind of expected Rachael Ray to drive her own car until I read this.  I know she is made of oodles of money, now, but she seems so down to earth.  A little high strung maybe, but still too grounded to be driven around.  I kind of picture her in some Cadillac convertible from the sixites, not a Prius.  But at least she isn't riding around in a gas guzzling limo.  That's something.


  1. Just Me Said:

    I guess she wouldn't like my Cobra then. All it does is suck gas.

  2. Kristi Said:

    RR didn't learn to drive until just recently; apparently she had an accident when she was younger that involved her either hitting an animal or almost hitting an animal, so she got out of the car right then and walked away.

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