Alton Brown's Good Eats wins a Peabody Award

According to, Good Eats has won a Peabody Award.  The 66th Annual Peabody Awards rewarded excellence in electronic media for 2006.  Good Eats won it's first Peabody Award this year.  George Foster writes, Good Eats is, "a deliriously inventive series for Food Network in which Alton Brown educates viewers about food, science, history and culture."

I think that that's pretty excellent.  As you all may or may not know, Alton is my favorite male chef on the Food Network.  I used to watch Mr. Wizard as a kid and Alton brings cooking to us in that kind of style.  Not only does he tell me how to cube a steak, but he shows me why you want to cube it by using gelatin with holes poked in it.  It's like science class meets home economics.  What could be more fun than that? 

Congrats Alton, and the rest of the Good Eats team for this wonderful honor!


  1. recordkitten Said:

    WTG Alton!! One of the few remaining bright spots on the wasteland that has become the Food Network.

  2. Just Me Said:

    You're not old enough to have watched Mr. Wizard....are you?

  3. pam Said:

    Well deserved! ! Boy Howdy, AB, keep up the good work!

  4. Just ME Said:

    Gotta Love Alton!

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