Feasting around the World - Food Network Style

Want to travel, but don't know where to start?  Just follow your stomach.  With a little guidance from FoodNetwork.com you can make your travels exciting and tasty with the prep work already done for you.

According to FoodNetwork.com The top five places on the list to travel for food are:

  1. Barcelona:  It has "everything from local tapas bars to exotic and experimental restaurants inspired by Spain’s famous, trendsetting chef Ferran Adria."  For more on Barcelona click here.

  2. Biarritz:  Has a "good blend of French, Southwestern, and the more local, Basque cuisine."  For more on Biarritz click here.

  3. Cape Town: Has cusine where "various European influences blend with African ingredients and Eastern traditions brought by slaves to this South African city." For more on Cape Town click here.

  4. Dublin: "Dining in Dublin has dramatically improved in recent years making it comparable to other international spots." For more on Dublin click here.

  5. Edinburgh: Even though this cuisine is "full of ethnically diverse dining options, it is proud of its roots."  For more on Edinburgh click here.

For the remaining five places, check out FoodNetwork.com


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