New PBS show, Chef's Story, delves into the lives of our favorite chefs

J.M. Hirsch of the Assoiciated Press, is rapidly becoming one of my favorite journalists.  If you notice, a couple of blogs down, there is another posting based off of one of his stories.  This one comes from, and talks about a brand new show from PBS called, "Chef's Story."  I know, I know, this isn't a Food Network creation, but the show does follow chefs, a couple of them hail from the hallowed Food Network halls.

Before I get into the actual show, I do have a little beef with one thing that Hirsch says in the beginning of the article.  Hirsch starts criticizing the glorification of chefs, which may have some merit so I don't have a problem with that, but he also says this:

"And in a nation with epidemic obesity rates, do we really need another means of glorifying eating?"

Yes, Mr. Hirsch, we do.  I think a big problem with the country's weight epidemic is our problem with our reliance of fast food.  If it wasn't for the Food Network's attempt to get us back into the kitchen, I don't think healthy at home cooking would be as widley accesible as it is today.

Now I'm getting off my soap box and getting back to the point of the article.  Hirsch goes on to share his opinions on one particular episode starring Bobby Flay.  He goes on to say he was mildly amused by the show:
"Despite my skepticism, I found myself drawn to the program. It was genuinely interesting to hear Flay tell his nothing-to-something tale and discuss his philosophy of food - 'If you like bland food, you can't eat at my restaurants.'"

I look forward to reading more from J.M. Hirsch.  Keep up the good work!

Chef's Story will be airing on PBS.  Check local listings for air times.

I ask you all, do we glorify chef's too much?  What's your take on that subject?


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