The Food Network makes cooking more manly

Think cooking is for the women-folk?  You're definitley behind the times, not just for using the phrase "women-folk," but also for your sexist view of male/female roles.  According to an article today by MCT on, male viewers make up approximately half of the viewers for the Food Network.  It also states that the advertising is also catering more to the masculine crowd by showing "NASCAR-themed cookbooks and industrial-style kitchen goods."

The article also illlustrates further evolution by telling us that the male cooking craze can also be seen in Men's Health magazine:

  • Ten years ago at Men’s Health magazine, a publication known for workout routines, sex advice and cover shots of buff guys, recipes were among the least read stories.  “Now recipes are the most read stories in our magazine,” said David Zinczenko, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Ladies, I don't know about you, but I find this very encouraging.  There is nothing sexier than a man that knows his way around a kitchen.  I also would like to thank the Fook Network for it's decision to depict sexy male chefs not only grilling, but sauteeing, baking, and frying up a storm.  Keep up the good work!  And if you're a man, never be ashamed that you know what a spring form pan is.  You can bake a cake for me any time. 


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