Ace of Cakes baker Duff Goldman speaks to Newsweek

OK all you Duff Goldman fans out there, your favorite blow torch weilding cake man poured his heart out to Newsweek's Julie Scelfo this morning.  In his interview he explains how he got wrapped up into the whole crazy world of cake building and his motivations behind some of his crazier cakes.

I must admit, until I read this little interview, I never knew just how many sides this guy had.  I thought he was a bit of a poser with his shaved head and rock star style, but he actually is in a band and knows how to rock.  So I guess I need to take back some of the things that I may have said about this guy in the past.  Perhaps I'll even check out an episode or two of his show.  After all, Goldman's description of finding his calling in life can be easily related to by anyone.

"When we got to the cake-decorating section, it was kind of like the scene in Harry Potter where the lights came on and the angels were singing and it was like, "Ohhhhh!" This is obviously what I should be doing."

I also like the fact that he threw in a Harry Potter reference.  It's almost enough to make me tune into his show.  Almost.


  1. Moddy Blaze Said:

    Exclusively on Tuesday, Feb 20 from 3:30 – 4:00pm ET an interactive chat with Duff Goldman. Contact Moddy Blaze should you have any questions.

  2. mary Said:

    I am a huge Ace of cakes fan ..i tape every episode....Duff and his team are so talented....I am an amature cake decorator and have learned so much from just watching his show...I think he should have another show on just decorating cakes...I learned alot about how to put fondant on a cake...but there is so much more to learn.....he is also very funny.....and I love his laugh...when he laughs it makes me laugh.....Food network should be very proud to have Duff on thier network.....Duff Rules!

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