Cooking with Tyler Florence

I'm so jealous.  Tyler Florence, the sexiest chef on television today, just happened to be in San Diego demonstrating how spectacular his new line of cookware is at Macy's (click here to browse his pretty, yet pricey cookware.  It's actually on sale right now if you are shopping early for the holidays.  I could use a gravy boat if you're feeling generous.)  He is also promoting his new cook book that was released in SeptemberTyler's Ultimate

So, back to my jealousy.  My friend, Valerie, happens to reside in San Diego and happened to score some tickets to his cooking demo.  She managed to meet the man himself, and break my heart by reporting to me that he is engaged with a baby on the way.  Oh well.  He's still pretty to look at.  She was also able to snap a picture and get her copy of his cook book signed.  Tyler


Here is the photo.  They both look so happy.  I'm even more jealous. 



Valerie writes: Here I am with Tyler Florence after his cooking class in San Diego.  I waited in line for 90 minutes and was lucky enough to get into the class.  Tyler gave me the pasta dish he fixed during class.  Yum!


  1. Me Said:

    How cool she got to indulge her fantasy !

  2. Madeline Said:

    Officially jealous over here. Tyler's Ultimate is a great show, so I'll have to check out the cookbook, too. And you are tagged.

  3. stacey Said:

    That is a great story and a lovely picture. I just wanted to let you know that Tyler has a website that just went live about a week ago. He posts a personal blog there every once in a while. Feel free to leave a comment under each blog. Here is the website:



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