Rachael Ray : an icon of sexy?

Mike over at TV Food Fan pointed me in the direction of a lovely little blurb about the quick cooking Rachael Ray.  The blurb is from the Village Voice has comments about Rachael and features a picture from FHM magazine.  Please click here and take a look at this thing.  My focus for this comment is the picture.

Firstly, I never saw Rachael Ray as a sexual icon and I was a little shocked at what I saw.  Once I clicked on the link, it looked like they stuck Rachael's head on someone else's body.  Not that I don't believe that the slim, toned, body is Rachael Ray's, because I do.  But the pose is so absurd.  She has her typical Rachael Ray smile in all it's big teeth glory, and then she is sitting on the kitchen counter covered in bubbles.  If you are reading this and haven't yet clicked on the picture, I'm sure you're thinking, "Wow!  That's hot!"  So please click here. To me it's just odd looking.  The concept of Rachael Ray even being in FHM Magazine never even crossed my mind as a possibility and frankly, I'm not sure that I like it.  Kudos to the Burger Queen for putting herself out there as a sexy person, but I can't help it if it made me uneasy.

I'm all for sexy chefs and cooks.  I'm a huge fan of having people see all sides of you, but she have to smile like that?  She kind of looks like she is surprised to be there herself.  Like she is laughing at the fact that someone wants this picture.  I just don't see it.  She doesn't look sexy to me in this picture.  Please let me know if you disagree.  Tell me the appeal of this pose. Is it the cleaning the dishes thing?  Tell me.  I beg you.


  1. Mike Said:

    Madeline, Sorry to create a ruckus with the link! Actually, the shoot was done in 2003, I think. You can see more of the pictures (if you want) at http://www.bastardly.com/archives/2005/12/15/rachael-ray-vs-giada-de-laurentiis-a-food-network-bastardly-matchup/ Yeah, I don't see the appeal, either, and you are right that they look awkwardly staged. I'm guessing these pictures are not what convinced Oprah to give her a show. Mike TVFF.com

  2. adam Said:

    I still find it amusing that her years-old photo shoot is still making a ruckus. Also, the first commenter on the village voice left me in stiches. "skin-melting battery acid"

  3. Brenda Said:

    Just when I thought my kids and I could enjoy watching TV together again, here come the tits. We're talking cooking, for goodness sakes. I guess this is part of the criteria for the new queen -- who can show the most and get away with it? Please keep your clothes on.

  4. Madeline Said:

    It cracks me up that these stinking lazy journalists think it's a good idea to use pictures of her from 2003. Especially when it has nothing to do with the subject of the article. Grrr.

  5. sickofher Said:

    WELL, Maddie - maybe Ms. Ray should have thought about that when she posed for those ridiculous photos. They'll be used for years to come, But, fret not, your idol actually loves these pics! She has expressed in many interviews that she is PROUD of them, because, as she says, she "represented". Hmmm, it's debatable WHAT exactly it is that she "represented", ha!

  6. lawrence smith Said:

    Sexy? Nope Woman talks too much. Will not shut up. I wonder if she talks while on the john? Anyway....I have to turn the channel these days.

  7. Jo-ANn Said:

    She is a hag and her recipes are absolutely awful. How she could be as popular as she is truly escapes me. EVOO indeed

  8. jerry Said:

    Rachael Ray is very sexey and i love her smile. she can cook me dinner any time.

  9. Youralljealous Said:

    You people make me laugh. The human condition, known as jealousy, has reared it's ugly head. Also, your idiots for picking on someone for posing in a mag. She's not a professional model morons, of course she's gonna look a little weird. Christ, she's not Tyra Banks (Thank God!). Brenda, your probably mad, because your a cow that sits on the couch all day with a cupcake in one hand, and a stick of garlic bologna in the other. You couldn't GET up on a sink. Your also jealous of her success, I can read between the lines. There are alot other celebrities worse than her, that I don't understand are famous (Flavor (faggot) Flav anyone?). I think she's hot, and I love her energy. I agree with Jerry, she can cook for me anytime.

  10. frimpit Said:

    sexy as HELL!!!

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