New cooking Queen crowned?

According to Richard Johnson of the New York Post, the Food Network has crowed a new queen.  Due to Rachael Ray's recent network TV fame, Paula Deen has stepped into the royal footsteps and became the queen of the Food Network.  Funny, I don't remember a coronation? 

I agree that Rachael has a lot on her plate right now, and that Paula seems to have stepped into the spotlight, but Paula doesn't scream regal to me.  I guess neither does Rachel.  I say we have a vote. Don't we live in America?  I think Giada would make a lovelier queen than either of those guys.  Her food is prettier, too.  What do you think?  Who's the Food Network Queen in your opinion?


  1. Kella Said:

    Giada is very classy. Her food is good and healthy. All shows can be entertaining because flaws can be funny. The sad thing is they spend hours to prepare Wretchel Ray's show !!! The food is gross, unoriginal, Hhelper quality. Sarah Lee is all about decorating and presenting something not expensive. Her food is regular supermarket food, but she learned to make the best out of her experience with poverty. She is creative when it comes to decoration. Not everybody can afford health food but the vulgarity of Wretchel is insulting. She makes a point of being stupid, messy, copycat the people that watch her(?) FoodTV like all media cater to vulgarity and sex.

  2. keller Said:

    Who says that you have to see vulgarity to watch a show? Footv you waste so much time preparing Ray's idiotic vulgar shows. After a 2 minute break the stoop is ready. How stoopid. It appeals to people that burp and sit at the table without shoes. Educate America. Watch Giada.

  3. rita vandoren Said:

    paula deen by all means Rachael ray has no cooking skills

  4. Josh Tanner Said:

    Rachael Ray is just plain annoying and overrated. One episode of her new version of "30 Minute Meals" features a recipe for sloppy joes with cut-up hot dogs. A child could have come up with that one. Paula Deen still tries to convince her viewers that she is a simple southern girl while showing off her fame and fortune, and abandoning her southern cooking roots. I wonder why Giada insists on showing off her breasts in every single episode. I find it offensive that she has to use her body to attract viewers. Maybe she is not confident about her food. Ina Garten is the only woman on the network with class and style. She doesn't have 5 different shows, but constantly remains simple and elegant.

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