Getting to know Iron Chef America's only female chef, Cat Cora

In an interview from, writer Lolita Carrico, asks Iron Chef, Cat Cora, about balancing a career and motherhood. 

Lolita: What's your definition of a Modern Mom?
Cat: The modern mom is a great multi-tasker, versatile, sophisticated yet fun. She is interested in ways to stay healthy and active and she’s knowledgeable about cooking, entertaining, style trends as well as kids' trends.  She works hard to make sure she keeps balance in her life and her family’s life.

I admire Cat Cora for being an Iron Chef.  The almost all boys club needs more estrogen and Cora is paving the way.  In an upcomming battle taking place on November 12th, the battle we have all been waiting for, Giada De Laurenttiis and Rachael Ray duke it out in the ring.  One of them will take home the Italian-American Superstar Iron Chef title.  This unprecidented battle wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the beautiful Cat Cora.

For the whole interview on, please click here.


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