How to rim a glass care of the Barefoot Contessa

drinkI was watching the Barefoot Contessa this evening and caught the episode where Ina makes a ton of different cocktails.  It was a nice little episode, but I caught something strange.  She rimmed one of the cocktails by dipping the glass into a beaten egg white.  She never explains why she does this.  I'm used to glasses being rimmed in lemon juice and then dipped into sugar.  Am I in the minority?  Does everyone do this?  I don't think I can bring myself to crack a whole egg open to merely rim a glass.  Please find a moment of your time to maybe explain to me the reasoning behind this egg white thing.  I beg you.

If you want to see the recipes from this show, one of which is Linguini with Shrimp that looks delicious, feel free to click here.


  1. becca Said:

    I've made the linguini w/ shrimp before...its WONDERFUL! A little intense to cook...but very good.

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