I caught Nigella!

And so did the food network addict.  I, unlike jrs, caught some of Nigella's previous shows from the land across the pond.  I agree that the constant conversions could sort of make your head spin, and deter you from wanting to make the dish, but you can't blame her for trying to make the amounts accessible to us yankees.  In "Nigella Bites," her previous cooking show, she used the metric system, while a conversion scrolled along the bottom.  I think I liked that method better as opposed to the lovely Nigella breaking the flow and saying a second measurment.

Apart from the measuring weirdness, I thought the show was a nice little show.  There are a whole lot of close ups that take a bit for me to register what I'm looking at, but after I see what it is, the angle makes things more artistic.  I like the rustic feel, but doubt I'll ever pluck up the courage to make any of the dishes.  So far, they've seemed complicated and heavy.  More artsy than practical.  She's definitley no Sandra Lee or Rachael Ray.  It's a lot like the Barefoot Contessa or Giada.  You feel like you're in her kitchen chatting with her while she makes some dinner.  It's nice.  I also appreciate how she has some curves.  I actually feel that she eats the food she makes.  It's a nice change of pace from, say, Giada.  I love Giada and all, but I think that one bite she takes for the camera is the only actual bite she takes. 

I think Nigella's a keeper.  For more from the Food Network Addict, click here.


  1. jacob Said:

    oooh, i agree. a simple conversion on the bottom of the screen would be much better. when she made that cake yesterday, some of her "cups" were not even filled up the whole way, while some 'tablespoons' were so heaping they would probably be 2 or 3 Tbs. Oh well.

  2. Jessica Said:

    That's so true! She didn't measure things out exactly for the cake. I thought when you baked something you were supposed to measure the ingredients exactly. I guess it's a "do what I say, not as I do" moment.

  3. Valerie Said:

    Even the Barefoot Contessa measures ingredients exactly when baking! I just think she's made that Honey Bee Cake so many times, she could do it in her sleep. I bet those kids had a crazy sugar rush after that dessert.

  4. Luna Said:

    I cracked up at some of the things she said. She was making some dish with frozen peas and shredded butter (I think?) lettuce. "frozen pea action" - har har! "I love how the lettuce squeaks as it yields to the edge of my knife." - kinky! "I'm... mesmerized... by the... green... cooking... in the ... pan..." - step away from the bong!

  5. Michelle Said:

    I just love her so much ! I've already tried many of her recipes and particularly her brownies....O MY GOD ! They are divine...EXCELLENT ! I'm adicted to her show, period. I love her show, and then Ina's. Sorry but I'm tired with giada.

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