Nigella Feasts premiers

The sultry domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson's, first Food Network show premiered last Sunday to much anticipation.  I, unfortunately, was only able to catch a glimpse of this new show last weekend, and therefore, am relying on other reviewers opinions on this new show. 

  • Mike at TV Food Fan writes - "This is a very good show, and one that is all about the food."  (If you're only going to read one review, I recommend this one.  It is comprehensive and really captures what the show is, not just his opinion.  Excellent re-cap, Mike!) For this review Click Here.

  • Neal Justin of Ye Old Shoppe writes - "Hail to the chef" in his succinct review of Nigella.  For this review Click Here.

  • Pascale Le Draoulec of the New York Daily News writes reports - "Sexy chef Nigella Lawson heats up the Food Network."  For this review Click Here.

  • The Food Network Addict has a review by blogger Amanda and writes - "She always seems so stuck up and full of herself." (Hey, they can't all be good reviews.) For this review Click Here.

Please comment with your reviews.  Hopefully I will catch the full show this weekend.  Nigella Feasts airs on the Food Network Sundays at 1pm.


  1. FoodTVFan Said:

    Nigella Feasts is a return to the format of her earlier show, Nigella Bites. Nigella Bites originated the format that Everyday Italian and to a lesser extent the Barefoot Contessa have virtually copied. Little did they know that the original would be setting up home at their own Food Network! Easy to watch, just like being alongside a relaxed and comfortable old friend in the kitchen. Nigella Feasts first episode shows Nigella cooking a wonderful cornbread crusted chili in her original TV kitchen, at her former home in Shepard's Bush. Currently her sister Horatia lives there and Nigella shares a home in Belgravia with her husband Charles Saatchi. She does not film there as Mr. Saatchi is a very private person and it would not be suitable. For pudding (dessert) Nigella shows us her delicious recipe for Chocolate Cherry Trifle. Yum. This show does not feel so manufactured and mass produced as Racheal Ray or others on the Food Network. Really a pleasure. Welcome back to the US and most particulary to the Food Network, Nigella!

  2. Jessica Said:

    Thanks FoodTVFan! That was an excellent review! I'm really excited to catch it this weekend now. Hopefully nothing will take me away from my TV Sunday at 1.

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