I love Nigella Lawson!

And I'm not the only one! Fellow blogger jrs agrees that Nigella will be an interesting addition to the sometimes-too-yankee station, Food Network. Jrs also brings up an interesting point, will there be a grudge match between already established European-American chef Giada DeLaurentiis and newcommer Nigella? I have to admit, I knew who Nigella was before I knew Giada. I came upon Nigella's previous show on the Style Network early one morning while channel surfing before I left for work. I was hooked, and then it was gone. Not long after I came upon Giada and my thirst for exotic, yet easy food was quenched once again.

I'll have to see the new show to see if Nigella Americanzes things too much, like using pounds of flour as opposed to kilograms, or starts saying cilantro as opposed to coriander. I liked the English version. It was like I accidentally hacked into an English cooking station. She also looks like she actually eats what she cooks. With Giada, I sometimes feel that the only bites of the food she actually eats are the ones that we see on camera.

I'll have to wait until October before I can difinitively choose a favorite.

Please visit the food network addict site to see more on Nigella.


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