People are crazy about Paula Deen!

ButterI'm just not one of them.  According to an article on released today, September 11th, Paula Deen has mass market appeal and lots of loving fans who follow her around.  I'm not going to lie.  If I saw the "Grandma of Southern Cooking" in a supermarket, I would probably stop and look.  OK, I'd probably try to get an interview, but that goes for any T.V. star I could recognize.  I just don't see her appeal.

Paula Deen has become a toursit magnet for Savannah, Ga, the Deep Fried Queen's home town.  According to the article, people actually go there in hopes of getting a glimpse of the gray haired cook.    "Paula Deen is why we came to Savannah," said Gerry Adams, 59, of Fort Myers, Fla., reports Russ Bynum of the Associated Press.

Now that's what I really don't get.  Going across state lines to get a glipse of the butter packing chef.  I could see trying to spot Dave Leiberman in New York, or Giada in Los Angeles, if you happen to be in the neghborhood, but Paula?  Maybe she's easier for people to spot.  Or fans can hear her annoying voice from a couple of states away.  I guess I'm glad that I live half the country away from her.  That way there is little chance of running into her, or her equally annoying offspring.

I apologize if there are any Paula lovers out there. If you disagree, please feel free to voice your opinion.  Maybe one of you can shine some light on her appeal.


  1. adam Said:

    I would not move to Georgia just to be near Paula Deen. I would, however, mow down children just to get a picture with her. See, I'm a southern boy ... born and raised. And when I watch Paula, I can close my eyes and hear my grandmother talking, the accent and the subject matter. Plus the food god the food. Just my two cents.

  2. Valerie Said:

    Adam, I totally agree with you. She is the only cook with Southern flair and famous hospitality. She definitely reminds me of a special Southern cook in my life.

  3. Queen Said:

    I'm not from the south...but I'd leave in a split second if I knew Paula was gonna be there especially if she had her youngest son (Bobby) on the menu! He's totally appetizing and I'd eat him up in a minute...I know her chicken is suppose to be the best...but Bobby looks like he's finger lickin' good!

  4. Beverly Said:

    I'm from the Tar Heel state of NC. And we're just as southern as Paula. She appears to be someone that if you knocked on front door because you were lost, she would do everything to help you out. I admire her because of her success. She had drive and determination, which alot of people could use these days. There are those out there who think everything should be handed to them. For those of you who do not like Paula, well then just don't watch her show. For me, I Love her and everything she stands for. I hope I can meet her in the future. Comment by Beverly - December 4,2006 @ 10:00 am

  5. Doc Said:

    I am sooooooooooo TIRED of Paula Deen. I don't begrudge her hard work and success one bit but am completely weary of having it shoved in my face in EVERY episode. Her nuptuals actually broadcast on her show...COME ON. So she landed a "Sugar Daddy" and everything she touches turns to GOLD.....Just CUT to the chase and cook. Ohhhh and those two boys..Oh MY GOD...come on...let's get REAL!!!!! The ONLY thing on that network MORE offensive to me than Paula is Rachel Ray.

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