Dave Lieberman does a date!

Alright all you Lieberman lovers out there, the lastest enstalment of his internet show "Dave Does" is a must view.  On the fourth webisode, Aphrodisiacs we get the pleasure of seeing how our "Good Deal" man trys to make a deal with a blind date. 

In the beginning of the episode, we find Dave shopping for his date night food items with a reknown aphrodisiac expert.  The trick, according to Dr. Reinisch, is to keep things light.  Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love who was born from the sea.  This is why sea food items such as sea bass and oysters, are the perfect love food.  Dave prepares these foods and himself for his blind date.

How often do you get to see a celebrity on a date?  At first, I thought the date was a fake one.  After a couple of minutes, though, it was clear that Dave's producers really were trying to link these two good looking people together.  It was clear that Dave was way too nervous for this to be fake.  If I were the one out with Dave, he would have freaked me out a little.  I don't know how much of this was due to editing or if he was trying to play things up for the camera, but he came on way too strong.  He actually said the phrase, "suck and slurp" on his very first date with this woman and he kept talking about everything "getting the blood flowing to the right places."  The woman played along after a while, and a couple of glasses of wine, but sadly, this did not end well for fair Dave.  There wasn't a love match despite his desire to see the cute girl again, but I don't really blame her.  He was a bit scary.

This episode is a must see.  Catch it when you get the chance.


  1. Valerie Said:

    This webisode is hilarious! I almost lost it when he was in the food store caressing the tomatoes. Dave acts like a complete novice in every way, but his cooking skills on his "aphrodisiac" date. He makes every food known to NYC as an aphrodisiac in an attempt to study its effects. I think the one most affected was Dave. Then again, maybe he drank too much Prosecco. He can make the chocolate cake for me anytime.

  2. joe Said:

    Check out Dave's new show: http://food.yahoo.com/realfood/

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