Dave Lieberman finally "does" release his online show

I kept checking foodnetwork.com/davedoes all day yesterday and the day before and his new show hadn't been released.   It wasn't until last night that the show finally premiered.  I was under the impression that since the promos said the show would come out August 14th, that would mean they would come out August 14th.  Oh well.  Now that rant is over, feel free to click on the link to watch the shows.

There are two episodes available. The first is on school food.  While the other is on doughnuts.  I found this pairing odd.  The first show spent a great deal of effort trying to emphasize the importance of healthy meals for school going children, and then immediatly after that, we watch the deliciousness of doughnuts.  I'm not sure that that was the greatest choice of back to back shows, but that's what they did.  Maybe kids will only watch the first one and try to ignore the doughnuts.  I think a show on fruits and vegtables after the school one might have been a better path. And then they could eventually lead into the sugary pastries. 

Once you get past the apparent lack of continuity from episode to episode, the shows on their own are pretty entertaining.  I was amused to see that the crazy owner of VooDoo Doughnuts' favorite doughnut was the buttermilk doughnut and my personal favorite as well.  I guess unique minds think alike.  Try to watch an episode or two and tell me what you think.


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