Why roast your own peppers?

Peppers1I was just watching Food 911 with Tyler Florence and he was making antipasto dishes for someone with an entertaining emergency.  I was with him for the marinated olives.  I nodded in agreement with the mushrooms, but then he pulled out the peppers.  I love roasted peppers and usually find that making things myself makes them better.  However, once he started to roast the peppers and steam the peppers and peel the peppers and wipe the peppers, I began to get tired.  Watching him prepare the peppers was exhausting and made me never want to attempt it.   

Why do it?  You can buy roasted peppers in nearly every grocery store nowadays and a good sized jar is usually less than $5.  Buying enough peppers to fill the jar would cost that much, and never mind the huge amount of effort it would take to roast all of them.  I guess this is one food I just don't understand why anyone would want to make it.


  1. Valerie Said:

    I would have agreed with you before I attempted my own roasted red peppers. The cooking part is easy. How many recipes tell you to burn the food? You just turn the grill on high, leave it alone, and flip it once. Perfecto! Next, leave it alone for a while in a covered bowl. The final step is where there is a difference. You slide off the burnt skins, remove seeds, chop as you wish, and top with a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil. Notice, you do not wash! What you are left with is true roasted taste. The smoke and charcoal flavor explodes in your mouth. The peppers from a jar are fine, but that intense roasted flavor tends to get lost. Especially, if the peppers are packed in a marinade! It may seem time consuming, but you can make it somewhat ahead of time. The taste and satisfaction of doing it yourself is delicious!

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