Elegant, easy, and affordable date night menu!

It's Friday night and your sweetheart is coming over.  Time to panic!  Wait- maybe not.  Michael Chiarello is here to help.  Today on Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello at 3:30PM ET/PT, Chiarello will show you how to make a romantic evening for someone close to you without breaking your bank. 

On this "Romance on a Shoestring" episode, Chiarello makes Saltimbocca Zucchini, Stuffed Chicken Thighs with Red Pepper Tomato Sauce and Hazelnut Semifreddo for a groom-to-be eager to impress his soon-to-be-wife.

If your looking for a romantic getaway, but can only afford to stay right here, this menu might be the way to get the amore flowing without emptying your wallet.


  1. Constantin Skoumbourdis Said:

    MY beef with you is that you call flat leaf parsley Italian when you know it is known as Parsley in all of Europe. That is why Americans are the mosy ignorant people in the world when it comes to naming recipes especially the white Greek sauce which was renamed by the french as if it was invented by them. This is for all of you at food TV learn your facts before sayng something.

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