Dave Lieberman "Does" another on-line show

Let's do lunch...online!  Food Network is launching another on-line only show starring Dave Lieberman entitled "Dave Does."  According to an article posted on ABC News.com today, the first on-line only project starring Lieberman called "Eat This" garnered more than one million page views in it's first two weeks.   Natali Del Conte of PC Magazine, interviewed Beth Higbee, the senior vice president of interactive for Food Network.  In the interview Higbee said, "the show (Eat This) taught them that viewers want online shows to be shorter than a typical TV show."  

There will be 13 five minute episoded for "Dave Does" first airing August 14th.  Lieberman's new show will highlight culinary trends and eateries in New York, Boston, Portland, Ore., and Philadelphia. 

 To view the entire ABC News.com article click here .

To watch Lieberman's latest installment of "Eat This" click here .


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