Weekly Recipe Attempt: Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller

fishI've been eating healthy now for a couple of weeks and it's easier that I thought it would be.  OK I fell off the wagon and ate pizza on Sunday, but I'm blaming that on my brother.  He insisted.  The way I see it, though, if I keep eating meals like the one I'm talking about today, I can afford to have a slice of yummy pepperoni every once in a while.

Weekly Recipe Attempt: Broiled Tilapia with Horseradish and Herb-Spiked Mayo

Now I'm not really a big fish eater, but I want to be.  It's so healthy and easy to broil fish, and this recipe was no exception. 

I know what you're saying, "it has mayo on it!  How is that healthy?"  I'm defending the mayo by stating that I used fat-free mayo.  I also only used a dollop of it on the fish, so one dollop isn't going to kill me.

This recipe was great.  I still love all things chicken and the occasional slab of beef, but the fish was a lovely little change of pace.  And if you're afraid of fish, try tilapia.  It didn't smell fishy at all.  I know they tell you it should smell like the ocean, but this didn't really smell like anything.  It tasted fresh and lovely.

I give this recipe an 8.  And that's no fish tale, my friends.  OK that was a really bad joke.  I apologize.


Celebrate your 2008 resolution with the Food Network!

champThis year I resolve to be…healthy. Resolving to lose weight has never worked for me, so I’m taking a cue from both Giada and Rachael. All things in moderation. I’m also going to exercise, when I can, and drink water a lot.

If you’re like me, and you’re resolving to be healthier in 2008, you’re not alone. In fact, FoodNetwork.com can help you get there.

They have ideas to get on the healthy track, not the dieting track. Learn how to stock your pantry with better choices. Count the calories you burn in a day with the calorie tracker and get healthy recipes from Ellie Krieger.

It’s a fact that Americans are becoming increasingly unhealthy. Let’s all resolve to try and eat a piece of broccoli with dinner or walk to your boss’s office as opposed to calling her on the phone from 5 feet away. We can all live a little healthier. We just have to put a little effort into it.


Sorry Alton Brown, Egg Nog is still gross

Most of the things that I see Alton Brown make seem interesting. However, egg nog, is still gross. I caught Food Network’s annual showing of his manufacturing of Egg Nog, and once again, I was intrigued. Intrigued enough, in fact to attempt having a swig of it at my office’s tree trimming party. Granted it was in a carton, and devoid of liquor, therefore not in tune with what one might consider true egg nog, but it turned me off the stuff once again.

I put this challenge out there to you all. Make some egg nog. Report back. Is it really as disgusting as it is when it comes from a carton?

For Alton’s recipe, Click Here.


Christmas Italian style with Giada and Mario

Viva Italiano!  Or however you say it.  I caught this lovely little gem of a special last night that showed how some Italian-Americans spend Christmas.

It looked like fun, and seemed authentic (i.e. it was Giada not Rachael)!  My boyfriend and his family are Italian and this little special made me almost want to make his family some Italian specialities for Christmas.  Alas, I think that I won't make it properly and end up offending someone so I think I'll pass this time.

I thought it was interesting how instead of ham or turkey, the main dish is usually fish.  There was this dish Venitian Seafood Salad that looked so neat, yet complicated, that would wow any Christmas crowd.

You should definitley check this special out, if you're looking for something other tham ham for Christmas.  I'm sticking to the already cooked ham, just to be on the safe side.  It airs again December 8th at 2pm and December 9th at 5pm.


Food Network Thanksgiving tips!

turkeyNeed a last minute recipe to round out your meal?  Having trouble figuring out how long to cook that bird?

Don't worry, it's Foodnetwork.com to the rescue!

Find a turkey calculator, tips on how to carve, and those all important post-Thanksgiving recipes to use up leftovers. I especially love the carving tips because they are presented by the quirky Alton Brown.

I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!


The Fortunate Paula Deen

If you're a fan of big spinning wheels and annoying gray hair chefs, I hope you caught tonight's fairly boring episode of Pat Sajack's most famous game show.

Paula Deen was a celebrity contestant on tonight's episode of Wheel of Fortune.  I caught a glimpse of her helping out one of us regular people who was playing the game.  I admit, it was a little funny to see her matching her partner.  They both coincidentally wore orange, and both, coincidentally did not wear it well.

I know a lot of you love the butter-loving grandma, but I find her a bit much.  She was a little more subdued than I thought she would be on a game show, but still a bit much.

I appreciate that she played for charity, but please, try to keep her confined to the Food Network where I can avoid her.



New Poll: What do you think of Amy Finley's new show, The Gourmet Next Door?

I've given you guys a couple of weeks to catch this show.  What do you think of it?  Does she live up to her "Easy Gourmet" hype?

In case you haven't seen one of the million promos for her show The Gourmet Next Door, Amy Finley, the winner of last season's Next Food Network Star, is trying to lead us all down the path of easy fancy food.

Her recipes are a little intimidating when you hear them, but I don't know if she stands out enough to make it.  I'm on the fence.

Will she be the next Guy Fieri?  Or the next Hearty Boys?


Weekly Recipe Attempt: 30 Minute Meals

meatball soupSouthern California is on fire, so naturally soup came to mind?  Here in Orange County, I'm surrounded by fires, and while I'm safe where I am right now, my heart and prayers go out to those who are losing their loved ones or homes to the out of control fires in So Cal. 

Onto lighter things.  It's hot and I needed a distraction, so I decided to watch 30 Minute Meals and make soup.  I know that soup doesn't traditionally go along with 85 degree weather, but I needed a little soul filling soup.

Weekly Recipe Attempt: Mini Meatball Soup

Right away you can probably see the biggest accidental alteration I made to this soup.  My meatballs aren't "mini."  I didn't listen to Rachael when she told me that these little suckers plump up when they poach.  Oh well.  My bad.  So it took a little longer to cook and I had to break them apart to eat them.  No harm.  No foul.  It tasted just as good to me.

This soup was tasty.  It was easy, too!  Don't let the long ingredient list fool you.  Most of these things you probably have on hand.  If I had them on hand, you have them on hand.

I give this recipe a 9 out of ten.  It loses a point because it just didn't knock my socks off.  It was delicious, but not delicious enought to be a ten.


Impossible Chef, Robert Irvine

Want to know more about the dashing Dinner Impossible chef, Robert Irvine?  Now you can thanks to the Wall Street Journal's YouTube posting.  He's cooked for everyone from royalty to presidents.  Check this out.  It's pretty interesting.



Ingrid Hoffman is...

Simply BORING!

According to 69% of the people who voted, Ingrid Hoffman doesn't show us the spice she claims to have.  Last weekend I saw her make a bunch of side dish looking things and put all the different gunks into bowls.  The bowls were squares, rectangles, and Ls and they all added up to one big square.  She had enough big squares for each person at a picnic. 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to lug around that much stuff when I'm at the beach.  There's just nothing "simple" about that.

Here are the official results:

  • 59 people said she was simply boring (69% of the votes.)

  • 31 people said she was simply delicioso (31% of the votes.)

If you like her, by all means you are entitled to your opinion.  I'm just glad more people agree with me.

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